Student Opportunities

University Writing supports writing across Auburn, and we value hiring students from all disciplines and backgrounds. We are especially interested in employing students who have unique skills and experiences related to language and communication, such as students who speak multiple languages, students who identify as strong writers or strong learners, and students who have experience writing in a range of disciplines.

Graduate Program Assistants

University Writing offers full-time program assistantships that include a monthly stipend and full tuition remission. Graduate Program Assistants serve clients in the Miller Writing Center, facilitate workshops, develop teaching materials, assist with administrative tasks, and implement additional projects that align with their professional goals. 

We are accepting applications for positions with a May 2022 start date through the Placement for Graduate Assistants Program.

The position description is available in two formats:

MWC Peer Consultants

Miller Writing Center peer consultants are the primary providers of support to student writing at Auburn University. Peer consultants assist clients with writing projects through one-on-one and small group tutoring sessions. 

We have finished hiring for Spring 2022. Applications for Fall 2022 will be available by January 2022. 

The position description and application directions are available in two formats:

MWC Front Desk Representatives

Front desk representatives (FDRs) assist with daily operations and provide administrative support to the Miller Writing Center at Auburn University.  

We have finished hiring for Spring 2022. The next planned hiring is in Fall 2022 for Spring 2023. 

The position description and application directions are available in two formats:

Undergraduate Program Assistants

Undergraduate Program Assistants provide administrative and clerical support for the many projects and activities of University Writing, which will likely include moderating weekly workshops, writing correspondence, and managing information about the office’s programs.

We are not accepting applications at this time. 

The position description and application directions will be available in early 2022. 

Student Awards

The Outstanding ePortfolio Award recognizes exceptional professional ePortfolios created by Auburn University students. Faculty and staff members are invited to nominate up to two students who have created distinguished ePortfolios. Students may also nominate themselves.

We are currently accepting nominations through this Qualtrics survey.

The awards will be presented in April 2022.

Last updated: 11/08/2021