College Program Applications

The College Program is a non-scholarship opportunity to participate in Naval ROTC and begin your career as a Naval Officer. It is available to incoming freshmen and sophomores who did not receive a Four Year National Naval ROTC Scholarship (Navy or Marine Corps). Students applying for the College Program must first gain admission to Auburn University and then complete and submit the Current College Program application to this unit at the address listed below. The College Program consists of two categories: Basic and Advanced. Basic College Program students are freshmen and sophomores who, after acceptance into the program, will enroll in the regular naval science classes and labs, receive uniforms and naval science textbooks, and become full participants in the Naval Battalion. The Commanding Officer will then nominate qualified sophomores for selection to continue in the program as juniors and seniors, which is known as “Advanced Standing”. In addition to the Basic benefits, an Advanced Standing College Program student receives a monthly stipend of $350 their junior year and $400 their senior year, but still receives no money for tuition or books. College Program students attend only one four-week summer training event which occurs between their junior and senior years.  All scholarship awards are performance-based.

College Program Application has closed. 2022 Applications will open in the Spring of 2022.

Mail or scan and email these completed documents to our public affairs officer at:

William F. Nichols Center
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849-5515

Attn: Public Affairs Officer

Naval ROTC Course Requirements

Naval ROTC students are required to take a three credit naval science course each semester through their senior year. The associated lab is zero credits, but serves as a place-holder for Professional Labs and General Military Training periods.

College Program students enjoy significant advantages over scholarship students such as the ability to choose any major (i.e. College Program students are not subject to the Tier system), no requirement to take Calculus and Physics and they are never obligated to their respective service while in college (e.g. a graduating College Program student may decline his or her commission without penalty up until they sign their Oath of Office after graduation).  A complete listing of course requirements may be found here: AUNROTC Academic Requirements.


Auburn Major Tiers

Academic majors are divided into 3 Tiers. Tier 1 is technical, Tier 2 is Science and Math and Tier 3 non-technical. As of Fall 2009, scholarships are tied to academic degrees. A student changing from a major in a higher tier to a major in a lower tier will risk losing their scholarship.

Last Updated: April 28, 2021