Diversity and Inclusion

Our Purpose

As part of University Housing, the committee for Diversity and Inclusion was created to uphold AU Housing’s mission and values. The Diversity and Inclusion committee is committed to the growth and development of our department and residents’ cultural understanding through an inclusive environment. Within this committee, we aim to enhance cultural understanding, social connections, education, and responsibility, while maintaining a “safe, welcoming, and inclusive” environment.

Our Mission

“Living on campus is a core part of Auburn University’s tradition.” Focusing on AU Housing values, the mission of AU Housing’s Diversity and Inclusion committee is to value the uniqueness of all people, cultures, and perspectives through programming and services that promote diversity and inclusivity for our department, professional staff, and current and future residents.

Our Principles

We have a commitment to our principles to:

  • Ensure that diversity and inclusion is a valued essential goal of the department, students, and staff.
  • Help create and maintain an inclusive work environment for all student and professional staff members.
  • Provide a bias-free environment that ensures diversity, equity, and access for all.
  • Challenge ourselves and our department to respect the free expression of all individuals.
  • Foster communication and practices that enhance the education of identity, culture, and self-expression.
  • Create and implement diverse and inclusive programs, services, policies, and procedures that are socially and culturally relevant.

Picture of Ellori White
Ellori White
Area Coordinator, Committee Chair
Picture of Dr. Kevin Hoult
Dr. Kevin Hoult
Director of University Housing
Picture of Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson
Graduate Area Coordinator
Picture of Zachary Werninck
Zachary Werninck
Graduate Area Coordinator
Picture of Nia Avila
Nia Avila
Graduate Area Coordinator

For a full list of campus events, please visit https://auburn.campuslabs.com/engage/events.

Diverse Digest is a monthly newsletter aimed to engage our students and residents on diverse news, issues, and events that honor our efforts to create a culture of belonging in which all can feel valued and respected.


Located: Burton Hall, 305 West Samford Ave, Auburn University, AL 36849

Phone: 334-844-4580

Email: housing@auburn.edu


Find us on social media @housingatau

Last Updated: October 01, 2020