Professional Staff

Picture of Kevin Hoult, Ed.D.
Kevin Hoult, Ed.D.
Director, University Housing and Residence Life
Picture of Maureen Young
Maureen Young
Assistant Director, Residence Life
Picture of Robert R. McKinnell
Robert R. McKinnell
Assistant Director, Housing Operations
Picture of Lindsey Sharpe
Lindsey Sharpe
Assistant Director, Business Operations
Picture of Caroline Bush
Caroline Bush
Office Supervisor
Picture of Hannah Box
Hannah Box
Administrative Specialist, Access
Picture of Abigail Rodgers
Abigail Rodgers
Administrative Associate
Picture of Emily Scarpa
Emily Scarpa
Area Coordinator, The Hill
Picture of Ellori White
Ellori White
Area Coordinator, Village
Picture of Lexy Payne
Lexy Payne
Area Coordinator, Quad
Picture of Jermaine Ferguson
Jermaine Ferguson
Area Coordinator, South Donahue and Cambridge

Graduate Staff

Picture of Lauren Benson
Lauren Benson
Graduate Area Coordinator, Cambridge
Picture of Lexie Walden
Lexie Walden
Graduate Area Coordinator, Hill East
Picture of Xavier Mundell
Xavier Mundell
Graduate Area Coordinator, Village North
Picture of Ciera Dorsey
Ciera Dorsey
Graduate Area Coordinator, Lower Quad
Picture of Nia Avila
Nia Avila
Graduate Area Coordinator, Village South
Picture of Maya Fawley
Maya Fawley
Graduate Area Coordinator, Hill South
Picture of Emma Taghon
Emma Taghon
Graduate Area Coordinator, Hill North
Picture of Zachary Werninck
Zachary Werninck
Graduate Area Coordinator, South Donahue
Picture of Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson
Graduate Area Coordinator, Upper Quad
Picture of Annie Sheffield
Annie Sheffield
Operations Graduate Assistant
Picture of Maggie McGinty
Maggie McGinty
RLC Graduate Assistant
Picture of Katelyn Dewrell
Katelyn Dewrell
Administrative Graduate Assistant
Last Updated: June 13, 2019