Fall 2021 Move-In

We are looking forward to your arrival on campus. Please review the information below to learn more about what to expect when you move into your residence hall. War Eagle!

2021 Move-In Dates

Returning Panhellenic Members Tuesday, July 27 – Friday, July 30*
Band Members Friday, July 30*
Panhellenic Recruitment/Early Move-In Tuesday, August 3 - Friday, August 6*
Regular Move-In Monday, August 9 - Thursday, August 12
160 Ross Move-in Monday, August 9 - Thursday, August 12**

* Any student moving in early (prior to August 9) will receive a $90 Early Move-in Fee on their student account.

**If you need to move in to 160 Ross prior to the 160 Ross move-in date, you may request an early move-in day by filling out the form located in your move-in registration email. Residents needing to move into 160 Ross prior to Aug. 9 may be assigned a temporary space in the Hill until they are able to move in to their 2021-22 room assignment. Please note that you must be participating in a program that requires you to be on-campus prior to August 9.

Move-In Registration

Move-in registration will open on June 9 and close on July 10.

To ensure an efficient registration process, residents will receive a time slot to log into the student portal to register for a move-in arrival time. Time slots will be generated via a lottery, and residents will receive an email to their Auburn email account with their time slot. Residents will log into the portal during their time slot to register for a move-in day and their arrival time. If you are unable to access the portal during your designated time slot, do not worry because you will be able to access the portal at any time after your initial time slot opens. Students will be able to change their move-in time, if space is available, by logging into their housing student portal and cancelling their original time. Students that do not register for a move-in date will be automatically assigned a move-in day and time during our Regular Move-In.

Register for Move-In

Move-In Arrival Times

The first arrival time will be at 7 a.m. (CDT) and the last arrival time will be at 4 p.m. (CDT) each day, except Aug. 6. In preparation for Panhellenic recruitment, the last arrival time will be at 11 a.m. on Aug. 6. Residents will choose their arrival time slot during move-in registration. There will be a limited number of timeslots per hour, per day.

Residents will not be able to move into their residence hall until their designated arrival time. If you arrive before your arrival time, you will be asked to come back at your designated time. Your arrival time is when you should arrive on campus, not necessarily when you will be moving into your room.

Check-In Process

Move-n volunteer with a resident's belonings
Move-n volunteer with a resident's belonings

The check-in process will be a curbside check-in.

At each residential area, AUH staff will be placed at tents that will function as outdoor centralized check-in locations.

Upon arrival to campus, residents will proceed directly to their designated centralized check-in location.

Residents will drive up to the designated check-in location during their designated arrival time. Residents will show staff their arrival time email and a photo ID and will give their name, hall and room number. AUH staff will check in the resident online and hand the resident their room key. Residents will receive a check-in email that will include a Room Condition Form (RCF) to be filled out after arriving to the room, before the student begins moving in. Once their arrival time has been verified by a staff member and they have received their room key, they will be able to proceed to their unloading zone.

Residents who arrive outside of their arrival time will not be able to move in until their designated time.

Check-in Locations For Each Area:

  • The Hill: The corner of Duncan Drive and P.O. Davis Drive
  • The Quad: The Comer parking lot
  • The Village: Village West parking Lot
  • South Donahue: Unloading zone in front of South Donahue
  • Cambridge: Cambridge Parking Lot
  • 160 Ross: 160 Ross parking garage
  • Arrival and Unloading Belongings

    Move-n volunteer with a resident's belonings
    Move-n volunteer with a resident's belonings

    After checking in and receiving their room key, residents will proceed to the unloading area at their building. Maps will be available digitally to residents prior to move-in so you will know how to get to your residential area.

    When you arrive to your building, you will unload your items immediately. Residents can place their items on the curb while they move their vehicle from the unloading zone to their designated parking area. If a resident has other people with them, we recommend having one person move the car while the resident or someone else waits with their items. Additionally, staff will be monitoring the unloading zones.

    160 Ross residents will check in and unload items in the parking garage at 160 Ross.

    Residents will be limited to two vehicles, and no box trucks and/or trailers will be allowed. Additionally, we ask that all residents limit the number of people they bring with them to 2-3 people per resident.

    To provide for a more efficient move-in over several days, no volunteers or equipment will be available during move-in. We encourage residents to bring their own move-in equipment, such as wagons or dollies, to assist with moving in. Do not forget to write your name on your personal items.

    Due to no volunteers or equipment being available, we highly encourage residents to pack light. Please read below for some tips regarding packing light:

    • Coordinate with your roommate before buying shareable items such as a mini fridge, microwave, shower curtain, etc.
    • Visit our checklist page on the Auburn University Housing website for a list of items to bring/not to bring.
    • Make sure the boxes you pack are light and easy to carry.
    • Use your storage bins as packing boxes.
    • Focus on the necessities. Pack only what you need or what you cannot buy once you arrive to Auburn.

    Packing light is key to a quick and easy move-in. Remember that you and your family will be responsible for unloading and carrying items to your room.


    Parking During Move-In

    Once you finish unloading your belongings in the unloading area for your building, you will need to move your vehicle to the designated parking lot for your area listed below.

    Designated parking lots

  • The Village: RO Village Parking Lots
  • The Quad: Stadium Parking Deck and Library Parking Deck
  • The Hill: South Quad Parking Deck or Hayfield Gravel Lot (the gravel parking lots across from the School of Nursing)
  • South Donahue: South Donahue Deck
  • Cambridge: Alumni Center Gravel Parking Lot
  • 160 Ross: 160 Ross parking garage
  • Parking After Move-In

    Residents will need to move their vehicle to their registered parking location or area after their move-in day is completed.

    **Hill residents: Please move your vehicle to the Hayfield gravel lot until all the move-in days are completed. You may move your vehicle to your registered parking area after the last move-in day.

    For more information regarding parking permits for the academic year, please visit the Parking Services website.


    Doors will be open from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. (CDT). Residence hall doors will be open from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. (CDT) each day of move-in except Aug. 6. On Aug. 6, doors will lock at 12 p.m. Residents will need their Tiger Card to have access to their residence halls after moving in. For more information on how to obtain your Tiger Card, please visit the Tiger Card website.

    Last Updated: July 29, 2021