Living with Others

We want students to love living on campus! Whether a resident shares a room or a suite with other Auburn students, they have a responsibility to live cooperatively with them. Today, few college students have experience sharing a room with another person. Many students have grown up having a private bedroom and the idea of sharing space with a non-family member can be daunting. Housing staff are here to help students adjust to this new experience and to help them learn to thrive.

Roommates or suitemates do not need to be best friends, however, it is important to be kind and considerate of each other. Common roommate or suitemate concerns center around five issues: noise, cleanliness, hosting guests, respect for personal belongings, and adherence to University policies. Effective and ongoing communication is essential to making the best of a roommate experience. To assist students in reducing potential conflicts with their roommate or suitemates, University Housing provides Roommate and Suitemate Agreements that residents are expected to complete at the beginning of the semester or each time a student begins living with a new person. These agreements will be revisited, and if necessary adjusted, when conflicts arise.

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It is important to talk to a RA before major conflicts arise. If a student is uneasy with habits or behaviors of their roommate or suitemates, we encourage the student to talk with them first. More often than not, the person does not realize that their habits bother their roommates. We recognize that students may feel uneasy raising concerns. The RAs can coach a student on how to address the situation and the other people involved. It is always best to address issues before they reach a boiling point.

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Last Updated: December 13, 2017