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What is Auburn on the Hill?

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"I learned so much more about our government and how it works by being involved than I ever learned in a government class."

intern, summer 2012

Auburn on the Hill connects Auburn University students to prestigious congressional internship opportunities in Washington D.C.


Beyond the amazing professional experience, you will meet people from around the world and enjoy the many opportunities available in our nationĂ­s capitol.


Most importantly, a congressional internship can enhance your resume, expand your horizons, and help you achieve your career goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most costs are associated with housing and transportation in Washington, D. C. Group housing discount rates may be available for those who are eligible. Costs for each item are contingent upon distance from the hill. Typically housing costs are higher closer to Capitol Hill, however, transportation costs increase with longer commutes.
Applying for an internship is similar to applying for a job; requirements vary. The program coordinator above, Lauren Hobbs, can help you explore options, and the Auburn University Career Center can help you prepare an effective resume and cover letter, as well as hone your interview skills. Additionally, many programs require a list of references or letters of recommendation.
There are many federal agencies and non-profit organizations who offer internships in the DC area. Contact the program coordinator for more information.
Most congressional internships are unpaid; however a few offices will offer interns a small stipend.
Sometimes, but you will have to pay tuition to receive credit. You will have to receive approval from your department in order to receive credit. Also, if the internship does offer compensation, you will likely be required to forego the stipend/compensation if receiving academic credit.
There are several summer housing options offered by D.C. area universities to interns from across the country. Additionally, there are several private housing options offered by organizations. To see a list of potential options, click the 'Back to Overview' button above, and look for the dropdown on the bottom left. While it does not contain a comprehensive list of all housing options, the options presented have been recommended by former interns. Many interns also choose to live with family members or friends in the D.C. area during their internship. Housing does book quickly and it is recommended that you reserve space soon after accepting your internship.