SACS QEP Exploratory Committee

Minutes of the Meeting
(Meeting #8)
February 2, 2011

Samford Hall, Room 107

Nancy Bernard, Sushil Bhavnani (Chair), Marcia Boosinger, Katelyn Boston, Raj Chaudhury, Drew Clark (SACS Liaison, ex-officio), Patricia Duffy, Charles Eick, Stephen Erath, Amy Hecht, Constance Hendricks, Steve Inabinet, Kathryn Jarvis, Kim Key, Margaret Marshall, Kevin Phelps, Shirley Scott-Harris

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m.

Minutes for the meeting dated January 26, 2011 (Meeting #7), were approved unanimously as submitted.

Sushil explained that four items were on the meeting agenda.

1. Information Dissemination Update
Kim and Sushil reviewed information dissemination activities that are underway this week.  The activities and communication include the following: the letter from the Provost was mailed; the website launched; AU Daily, AU Daily Extra, This Week at AU, and Wire Eagle had announcement and a link to the website.  Drew reported that he reported on the committee's progress on the Monday morning president meeting with direct reports.  Drew and Sushil were attending the A&P Assembly meeting immediately following today's committee meeting.

Amy said that she would send an AU-Daily-type announcement in the electronic Parents' Newsletter.

4,000 flyers for Concourse Day were printed, and approximately 600 were split among committee members wanting to distribute them within departments, etc.  Steve took 100 to be included in the Alumni Association's Club Officer Meeting packets for the upcoming weekend meeting.  A banner that can be reused is also ready.

2. Call for submissions/proposals
Margaret reported for the subcommittee drafting the calls for proposals and explained that the subcommittee members believe we should steer clear of the term “proposals” because of difference understandings and uses of that term across disciplines.  Feedback and discussion ensued regarding language, including using language consistent with QEP guidelines.  The subcommittee members were striving for a balance between specific guidelines and keeping the document simple and easy to understand.  Particular attention was paid to the bullet point requirements of the first round submissions.  Using a term other than “Concept Paper” was judged important because “paper” could signal more information than committee members believe is appropriate for first round submissions.

Raj presented and explained the mechanics of what will be online submission of Concepts using Google Docs.  The pull down boxes require basic information about the submitting person(s)/unit(s) and which broad themes the Concept addresses.  Those themes will come out of the topic survey currently underway.  The technology will permit blind review of submissions if so desired by the committee. Feedback was given with some changes to be incorporated.

3. Schedule following February 9 topic solicitation deadline
Sushil discussed what will happen when the survey is finished, and Drew explained his office's plan.  Very soon after the February 9 topic input response deadline, a report will be generated that summarizes the ranking portion of the input.  The part of the survey that allows for “other” input is expected simply to be printed.  It is possible that the data can be broken down by demographics such as type of participant (e.g., student).  The committee members will receive this information and review it ahead of time so that at the February 16 meeting we are prepared to identify the broad themes emerging from the topic input process.  Some discussion occurred regarding communication of the themes and the Call document and whether a provost memo or possibly a letter from the committee would be appropriate.

4. Concourse Day
Katelyn reported that she and several students are ready for the February 3 dissemination of the QEP flyer.  Because of the expected inclement weather, the students will set up in the Student Center.  Amy is assisting with tables and chairs.  The students will do this work from 10:00 to 2:00, and Katelyn said committee members are welcome to join them or stop by.

The next committee meeting was scheduled for February 16, 2011, at 1:30 p.m. in the President's Boardroom (107 Samford Hall).

Sushil adjourned the meeting at 2:45 p.m.

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