SACS QEP Exploratory Committee

Minutes of the Meeting
(Meeting # 9)
February 16, 2011

Samford Hall, Room 107

Nancy Bernard, Sushil Bhavnani (Chair), Marcia Boosinger, Katelyn Boston, Drew Clark (SACS Liaison, ex-officio), Deedie Dowdle, Patricia Duffy, Charles Eick, Stephen Erath, Kathryn Flynn, Paul Harris, Andy Gillespie, Amy Hecht, Constance Hendricks, Steve Inabinet, Iryna Johnson, Kim Key, Margaret Marshall, Kevin Phelps, Shirley Scott-Harris

The meeting was called to order at 1:30pm.

Minutes of the meeting dated February 2, 2011 (Meeting #8), were approved unanimously as submitted. 

Sushil outlined the agenda for the meeting. 

1. Survey Results

The survey process went well; we had a great response rate. There was a wide variety of participation from respondents.  The summary of qualitative responses (26 page document) was clustered together into categories. These categories were created by OIRA and not provided by respondents. 

2. Financial Plan

Committee members were provided with copies of UCF's financial plan for their recent QEP process. UCF did particularly well in the QEP process and have been transparent. This information may be helpful in assisting committee members in answering questions about scope and the magnitude of the QEP. 

Questions were asked about whether this money needed to be permanent, or if new QEP projects would be created during the next accreditation visit. No institution has had a second visit yet, so we're not sure what will occur.

 3. Call for Concept Papers

The Committee reviewed the online form and informational memo for the Concept Paper submission process. Kathryn discussed the changes to the form and we can now control the number of characters in each text box. There was discussion about whether the QEP Selection Committee should provide guidance into the top themes that have been identified. What type of projects is the committee most interested in seeing submission for? 

The following information will also be made available online to assist those submitting QEP topics:

  • Focus Group Report Summary
  • NSSE/Focus Group Combination Document
  • Summary Sheet of online Survey Data
  • Statistics of those who submitted online Survey Data

It was determined that we would not post the qualitative data, since we did not specify it would be used in this way at the time of collection.

Sushil recommended that we make the form very clear for people to complete. Nancy suggested including a bulleted, step-by-step guide to submit a QEP. Sushil will be listed as the contact person on the QEP Concept Paper Submission Form, should someone have questions.

The Committee voted to have the themes included on the submission form. The following themes were identified as areas the Committee would like to see QEP Submission:

  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Global Learning/Issues
  • Applied and Engaged Learning
  • Interdisciplinary Learning
  • Undergraduate Research

Sushil expressed concern over the deadline of Feb 18 to launch the Concept Paper Submission form. The deadline will be extended to Feb 20. 

Special thanks to Katelyn Boston for all her hard work on the marketing push! She did a great job organizing the dissemination effort in the Student Center.

The Concept Paper submission hardcopy distribution will be In the form of a page of information, not written as a memorandum. Additional dissemination resources used will be the QEP website, AU Daily, AU Report, This Week at AU, Wire Eagle, and E-Commons. OCM will continue to assist with these efforts. 

The next meeting of the Committee was set for March 2, 2011

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00pm

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