SACS QEP Exploratory Committee

Minutes of the Meeting
(Meeting # 10)
March 2, 2011

Samford Hall, Room 107

Nancy Bernard, Sushil Bhavnani (Chair), Katelyn Boston, Raj Chaudhury, Drew Clark (SACS Liaison, ex-officio), Stephen Erath, George Flowers, Paul Harris, Amy Hecht, Constance Hendricks, Steve Inabinet, Iryna Johnson, Kim Key, Margaret Marshall, Shirley Scott-Harris

The meeting was called to order at 1:30pm.

Minutes of the meeting dated February 16, 2011 (Meeting #9), were approved unanimously as submitted. 
Sushil outlined the agenda for meeting and shared a letter to the Editor in the Feb 24 edition of The Auburn Plainsman, page A5, titled "Education Bureaucrats must go," that presented an opinion critical of the QEP requirement. A brief discussion followed. It was recognized that this was not a widespread sentiment.
The timeline was reviewed to highlight the Concept submission deadline of March 8, 2011.

Concept Submission Process
It was felt that the process was progressing satisfactorily. Feedback received indicated that message at the end of the concept submission process thanked visitors for "survey completion." This phrase will be updated to read "concept submission." 

Review of Concept Papers
The main item on the agenda was a discussion of the logistics of the Concept Paper review process. A draft of an evaluation template containing percentage weighting for several evaluation criteria was presented and discussed. It was felt that the process would be more productive if concept submissions were rated using a three-level rating system; high, medium, and low using the evaluation criteria listed on the Call for Concept Submissions. 

Each committee member, with the exception of Drew (ex-officio), will evaluate every proposal. Drew will prepare a document that will contain only the concept descriptions/rationale, with all other information, including demographics, eliminated, to ensure a "blind" review. These will be submitted to Drew for him to prepare a consolidated spreadsheet. Members were requested to identify strengths and weaknesses of submissions in preparation for the March 23rd (note date change) QEPX meeting.

Authors of concepts selected for further development into full proposals will be notified on March 25th.

It was decided that Sushil (Chair) and Drew (SACS Liaison) will meet with authors invited to submit full proposals on March 30th to provide directions and answer questions. This will assure uniformity in information dissemination for this all-important stage in the process.

A sub-committee was formed to develop the Call for Full Proposals. This document is to completed by March 23, for release on March 25. Drew indicated that he would review best practices related to this item at the next QEPX meeting.

The next meeting of the Committee was set for March 9, 2011.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00pm.

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