SACS QEP Development Committee

October 10, 2011
3:00 p.m
308 OIT Building

Present: Bliss Bailey, Richard Burt (Chair), Lenny Lock, Margaret Marshall, Kevin Phelps, Constance Relihan, Bonnie Sanderson, Aaron Trehub

Absent: Pamela Stamm

I. Richard Burt called the meeting to order at 3:05 and asked for approval of the minutes distributed by email earlier in the day. Approved.

II. Burt suggested that the committee begin by identifying more specific learning outcomes. The members looked at examples from QEP documents of other institutions that had been posted on a SharePoint site. The format of identifying major objectives with sub-areas seemed useful. Discussion of the outcomes identified in the preliminary proposal including effective communication, critical thinking, technical competency and visual literacy followed. There was general agreement that these elements connect to, but in some cases extend, Auburn’s existing General Education Learning Outcomes. Consideration was given to whether some of the identified elements were more important than others and what e-portfolios contributed to student learning that wouldn’t be possible through other means. The group agreed that e-portfolios’ ability to capture what students do outside the classroom was an important feature. Burt reminded the group of the directions in the QEP guide (page 44-45): at the end of the QEP, what should students know or be able to do? The group began to craft language to capture what “students will be able to ….” in each of the four areas of effective communication, critical thinking, technical competency and visual literacy, and agreed to post the drafts on the SharePoint site for collective revision and editing.

III. Burt volunteered to locate other QEPs involving digital portfolios. Marshall offered to post some of the documents used in drafting the preliminary proposal since many of these included lists of institutions using e-portfolios.

IV. The group discussed next meeting dates. In general Mondays at 3:00 seems a good time, but several members had conflicts on October 17 and 24. We agreed to work through the SharePoint site and convene again on October 31. Burt will post a calendar for the rest of the term, aiming to meet every two weeks and avoiding holidays.

V. Marshall asked about the conference Burt had identified and whether some from the group should attend. The conference is at Virginia Tech, November 7 &8. Some members were interested in attending and Burt will discuss with Drew Clark.

VI. Meeting adjourned at 4:35.

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