SACS QEP Development Committee

November 14, 2011
3:00-5:00 p.m
308 OIT Building

Present: Richard Burt (chair), Bliss Bailey, Lenny Lock, Margaret Marshall, Kevin Phelphs, Pamela Stamm, Aaron Trehub, Bonnie Sanderson

Absent: Constance Relihan


Agenda Items


Action Items

Review of October 31, 2011 Meeting

October 31st meeting minutes: Posted on SharePoint; no noted corrections


Reports: Educause (Constance)
AAEEBL Conference (Margaret, Aaron)

Educause (Constance unable to attend this meeting- refer to summary posted on SharePoint posted by Bliss)
AAEEBL: Margaret & Aaron- information gained reviewed; broad group discussion on points and briefly summarized:

  • Models are available with varied institution/student responses:

Clemson – administrative/assessment driven with negative student reactions (avoid this approach);
More successful models – LaGuardia CC, VTech, LSU?

  • Technology matters less than the pedagogy; reflection is key
  • Value/usefulness needs emphasized – faculty & students;
  • Platforms – many are available; distinguish from Facebook, blogs, wikis – personal space vs professional/academic work
  • Start small- go slow "e-portfolios will change your college"

Potential action items

  • Recruit faculty advisors
  • Invite outside speakers/consultants – beyond "e-portfolio" topic - focus on key-learning outcomes that can be demonstrated through e-portfolio.
  • Early communication with university leaders (senate, student groups); recognition/buy-in important- consider awards/incentives.
  • Coordinator needed with adequate resource support
  • Proposals- different approaches from schools/departments are expected- but need to aligned with "global" SLO? Individual assessments also may vary among schools/departments?
  • Consensus on term definitions and types of e-portfolios (career, learning, integrative, showcase) important

Other items not discussed, but need further discussion/exploration:

  • Do we need baseline survey? Create a general rubric that reflects global SLO? Master QEP Document? Timeline for QEP implementation? What are the expectations in 5 years? Yearly expectations?

Refer to complete summary on SharePoint:
"Notes from AAEEBL conference" posted 11/14/11"
Educause: "Thoughts about E" posted by Bliss- 11/15/11






Review Mississippi example for detailed implementation plan.


Defining terms: a) Showcase Portfolio; b) Critical thinking

Important to develop consensus on term definitions for types of portfolios and components within e-portfolios- Assignments made for terms:

Types of Portfolios & terms needing defined:
Career Credentialing (Richard)
Learning (Pam)
Assessment (Lenny)
Critical Thinking (Aaron)
Co-curricular (Bliss)
Reflection (Bonnie)

Update on Literature Review

  • How do programs introduce students to portfolios (Constance, Kevin):
  • How is the knowledge delivered? (Constance, Kevin, Aaron);
  • What is the needed infrastructure? (Bliss, Kevin, Aaron);
  • What is the administrative structure and resources needed to sustain the program? (Richard, Margaret);
  • How is the success of the QEP project measured/ assessed? (Lenny, Pamela)
  • How are individual student portfolios evaluated? (Margaret, Bonnie, Lenny)

Small workgroups progressing on literature review – excel worksheets being developed for Administrative Structure (Margaret) and Assessment (Lenny)

Continue to develop

Reminder note: Overall Goals for e-portfolio (refer to SLO Development 10.25.11 for complete description and SLO for each goal)

  • Effective Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Technical Competency
  • Visual Literacy

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