SACS QEP Development Committee

February 13, 2012

Attendance: M. Marshall, L. Elmer, A. Trehub, T. Burt, B. Sanderson, D. Stoeckel., Pl. Stam, L. Lock

1. Review of 2/6/12 meeting minutes –

  • a. No changes/no comments.

2. R. Burt reviewed an email he received from Drew Clark. The email outlined the QEP deliverable.

3. M. Marshall created a list of potential reviewers for the QEP.

4. K. Yancey visit update.

  • a. K. Yancey will inform D. Stoeckel of her travel plans via email.

5. Feb 16 workshop

  • a. The Committee reviewed the PowerPoint presentation and made edits/changes.
  • b. R. Burt will create the handouts for the workshop.

6. Set up the agenda for the next two meetings since R. Burt will not be able to attend.

  • a. M. Marshall volunteered to chair the meetings.
  • b. B. Sanderson will summarize the workshop findings.
    • i. Each person is to send their individual summaries to B. Sanderson after the workshop.

7. QEP Master Document

  • a. L. Lock discussed his outline for the literature review.
    • i. L. Lock discussed his outline for the literature review.
    • ii. D. Stoeckel send L. Lock the QEP guidelines from SACSOSC
  • b. Some discussion on the difficulty using and finding documents on the SharePoint space that the committee is use.
    • i. P. Stam was tasked with re-organizing the documents on the SharePoint site. L. Elmer will assist.

8. Review of draft QEP by M. Marshall

  • a. Discussion over the table of Contents and the SACS QEP guidelines. Decision was to match the table of contents in the guidelines to the committee’s document.
  • b. The committee decided to work on the various sections of the QEP in MSWord, then post a draft document on SharePoint for informational purposes only.
  • c. M. Marshall: The committee needs to spend some time reviewing the actions items that are in the draft document and decide if these action items are correct.

9. R. Burt: Let’s spend time next meeting to discuss action items that M. Marshall has written in the draft document.

10. Next meeting: minimal amount of time spend on review of meeting minutes and such, and spend more time on action items.

Last Updated: Dec. 26, 2012

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