SACS QEP Development Committee

March 19, 2012

Attendance: P Stam, M. Marshall, A. Trehub., B. Bliss, L. Elmer, L. Lock, B. Sanderson, C. Relihan, B. Sanderson, and D. Stoeckel.

1. Minutes from 3/5/2012 approved.

2. K. Yancey visit

  • a. The group worked out an agenda for Dr. Yancey’s visit.
  • b. D. Stoeckel was tasked with compiling a list of persons/units attending the lunch on 3/28
  • c. Discussion over the lunch meeting with Dr. Yancey:
    • i. Presentation by a QEP Development committee staff
    • ii. Have audience introduce themselves – name, unit, level of use of ePortfolios.
    • iii. Some discussions with regard to having lunch attendees fill out a short questionnaire.
      • 1. Where do you want to be in 5 years with the use of ePortfolios?
      • 2. What motivates you to participate in the AU career ePortfolio program?
      • 3. How can the AU career ePortfolio achieve your student learning goals?
        • a. What are you expectations with regard to your responsibilities by participating in the career ePortfolio program?
    • iv. Have a timed PowerPoint presentation playing as the attendees arrive and eat.

3. R. Burt reported that he has a meeting with the Provost on March 27 at about the same time of the luncheon with Dr. Yancey.

4. Review of the QEP draft document.

  • a. The committee modified the draft timeline to be more concise
  • b. The committee adjusted the draft budget to within a total cost that will be more agreeable with the Provost’s office.

5. Preparation for Dr. Yancey

  • a. D. Stoeckel will set up a  page for downloading of draft QEP documents for Dr. Yancey, D. Clark and the Provost.

6. Next meeting will be a run through of the presentation at the luncheon and discuss last minute items for Dr. Yancey’s visit.

Last Updated: Dec. 26, 2012

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