SACS QEP Development Committee

March 26, 2012

Attendance: R. Burt, P Stamm, M. Marshall, A. Trehub., B. Bliss, L. Elmer, L. Lock, B. Sanderson, B. Sanderson, and D. Stoeckel.

1. Review of Agenda for K Yancey’s visit.

  • a. KY will arrive at AUH&CC around 10:30 am on 3/27. M. Marshall will meet with KY.
  • b. Everyone else will meet at student center for meeting.
  • c. PowerPoint loop presentation will run while folks arrive and eat.
  • d. R. Burt (M. Marshall) will begin presentation at 11:20 (approximately).
  • e. 1 pm – A. Trehub will walk with K. Yancey back to the library, stopping at the Career Center to meet with Nancy Bernard, and arriving at the Library 2nd floor conference room at 2 pm.
  • f. QEP Development Committee will meet with K Yancey in the library conference room from 2 – 4 pm to discuss action items.
  • g. Dinner with Drew Clark, R. Burt, and M. Marshall at 7 pm.
  • h. On 3/28, breakfast meeting from 8 am – 11 am at Ariccia’s.
  • i. K Yancey departs around 11:30.

2. Committee reviewed and edited the loop-time PowerPoint presentation

3. Committee reviewed and edited the primary presentation.

4. Committee reviewed questions to ask  and topics of discussion with K Yancey.

  • a. Action items (item for Tuesday afternoon meeting)
  • b. Budge (item for Tuesday afternoon meeting)
  • c. Learning outcomes (item for Tuesday afternoon meeting)
  • d. Assessment strategies or issues on Wed morning.
  • e. Her opinion on FERPA issues.
  • f. Debrief from Lunch meeting with participants
  • g. Comments or thought on challenges identified and unidentified.

5. R. Burt reported that he has a meeting with the Provost on March 27 at about the same time of the luncheon with Dr. Yancey.

4. Review of the QEP draft document.

  • a. The committee modified the draft timeline to be more concise
  • b. The committee adjusted the draft budget to within a total cost that will be more agreeable with the Provost’s office.

5. Minutes from March 19 were approved.

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