SACS QEP Development Committee

September 18, 2012

Attendance: R. Burt, B. Bailey, M. Marshall, L. Elmer, D. Stoeckel, L. Lock, D. Clark, B. Sanderson,  A. Trehub, and L. LaMar.

1. QEP Marketing Strategy

  • a. D. Clark spoke about the SACSCOC accreditation process and timeline.
    • i. The project (QEP) will continue after this committee is disbanded. Once a copy is submitted to the president for his signature, the role of this committee is over.
    • ii. The responsibility of the success of this program will be placed under the Office of University Writing.
    • iii. Committee is to focus on gathering comments on the draft and create the final document
    • iv. Timeline
      • 1. D. Clark wants to submit the document (QEP) to SACSCOC by the 1st week of January rather than wait for 6 weeks prior to the onsite visit.
      • 2. Committee plans to complete the document by the end of Fall 2012 semester.
    • v. Short discussion over what to expect when the QEP is presented to the President’s Council
    • vi. M. Marshall stated that her role on the committee and as administrator of the project – once it goes to the University Writing center – blurs some lines of responsibility and influence. She requested that someone take over writing the final document to prevent any misunderstanding.
      • 1. R. Burt suggested the committee hire a graphic designer to finish the document. D. Clark agreed with this decision.

2. D. Clark informed the committee that they should keep the dates of March 26 – 28, 2013 for the SACSCOC On-site review.  The QEP Development Committee will probably be interviewed by SACSCOC reviewers during this time.

3. Presentation to the President

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