SACS QEP Development Committee

November 27, 2012

Attendance: B. Bailey, R. Burt, B. Sanderson, L.  LaMar, A. Trehub, M. Marshall, L. Elmer, L. Lock, D. Stoeckel, P. Stamm, D. Clark

1. QEP Document

  • a. Committee members were assigned portions/sections of the draft document for review:
    • i. R. Burt – up to p. 19
    • ii. B. Bailey – SLO's
    • iii. L. Lock – Literature Review
    • iv. B. Sanderson – Action Items
    • v. P. Stamm – Organizational Structure through to Assessment
    • vi. M. Marshall – Appendices.

Comments due to M. Marshall by Fri. Nov 30.

2. D. Clark will receive the hard copy and an electronic copy with message from R. Burt at some time after this.

3. D. Clark discussed the possible impact of the ePortfolio project on the University and feels that the project will be a success.

  • a. Planning to submit the final document to SACS COC in January, which is early since it is not due until 6 weeks prior to the onsite visit in March.
  • b. Thanked the group for a job well done and reminded the group to be available during the onsite visit March 26 – 28, 2013.
  • c. M. Marshall thanked D. Clark for being a part of the project and for is support to the committee.

4. Update on Clemson Conference

  • a. M. Marshall, B. Sanderson, and L. Elmer attended.
  • b. The ePortfolio Project was presented and received very well.
  • c. Discussion about the difference between Clemson’s ePortfolio program and Auburn's.
  • d. B. Sanderson feels that Auburn is on the right track with regard to the ePortfolio development and implementation after her experience at the conference.
  • e. The Auburn cohort groups were asked to each write a paragraph on what they learned from the conference.
  • f. Learned about an opportunity for funding for cohort groups via the REU program for research related to ePortfolios.
  • g. M. Marshall felt that the cohort group learned a lot from the attending the conference. Help to develop their critical thinking with regard to ePortfolio development.

5. Update on ePortfolio Program

  • a. Search committee had begun reviewing applicants.
  • b. Faculty workshop will be ion Jan 7-8, 2013 with 20-25 participants.
  • c. Brett Eynon will come March 20 – 22 for a presentation to the cohort group.
  • d. Space renovations are moving forward and expected to be completed March 15, 2013.
  • e. Presentations have been ongoing and more to come to other cohort groups.
  • f. L. LaMar reported on the survey sent out to faculty and students. 76 faculty and 144 students responded. Most liked the “Live it, Learn it, Share it” tag line.
    • i. Marketing campaign is moving forward.  L. LaMar will talk with other schools with regard to how to market the QEP prior to the SACS COC onsite visit.
  • g. Implementation of the program
    • i. M. Marshall asked that members of previous QEP committees help develop policies and procedures on grant applications associated with the ePortfolio program.  Recommendations would go to the Steering committee. The goal is to have policies and procedures in place for April 2013.
    • ii. A technology committee is also going to be formed.

Meeting was adjourned.  This was the last meeting of the QEP Development Committee.

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