Call for Concept Submissions

In March 2011, the QEP Exploratory Committee invited all Auburn stakeholders to make a Concept Submission outlining suggestions for a QEP. The guidelines for this invitation were based on information obtained from a campus-wide preliminary survey conducted in January/February 2011.

Concept Submissions were to provide a brief description and rationale for a specific QEP project connected to a theme or area that will enhance student learning. The submission form requested two short paragraphs: 1) a description of the concept and 2) a rationale for why the concept is appropriate as the QEP for Auburn. Each paragraph was limited to 1500 characters (about 250 words).

Contributors: Auburn faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni

Criteria:  To be selected for further development, Concept Submissions showed potential to:

    • Describe a focused project capable of having a direct and significant impact on student learning
    • Identify goals, including goals for student learning, and a plan to assess their achievement

    • Support the mission of the institution and be appropriate to Auburn University

    • Lay the foundation for a full plan that can be implemented, sustained, completed and evaluated

    Process: The QEP Exploratory Committee reviewed the Concept Submissions and selected eight Concept Submissions for further development into Project Plans (hereafter referred to as Full Proposals). All submitters were be notified by March 25, 2011. Full Proposals will provide a more thoroughly developed rationale and description of a specific project that will enhance student learning. Full Proposals will provide additional evidence about why the project is appropriate to Auburn, will outline resources needed, and will include a draft outline of an implementation plan. It is likely that developing the Full Proposal will require collaboration with others who have offered Concept Submissions on similar themes. A $1500 stipend per plan will be available to assist those selected to develop the Full Proposal. Full Proposals will be submitted by April 22 with 3 finalists determined by the Exploratory Committee by April 29.

    Last Updated: Apr. 1, 2011

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