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2010-2011 Meeting Schedule

Auburn University Center for Oxidative Catalysis

Date  Speaker  Title
September 14 Dr. David Stanbury Physical and Chemical Properties of Oxygen
October 5 Dr. Chris Goldsmith Lessons in Ligand Design for Biomimetic Oxidative Catalysis 
October 5 Mr. Jingyuan Xiong Reduced Flavin Protection by Alkanesulfonate Monoxygenase SsuD
November 2 Dr. Holly Ellis Flavin:  Not a Metal yet Still Redox Active

November 2 Mr. Roger He Regioselective Alkane Oxygenation Catalyzed by Iron Complexes with a Structurally Encumbered Tetradentate Ligand
November 30

Dr. Susanne Striegler

Aerobic Oxidations of Glycosides

November 30 Ms. Elizabeth Ndontsa Transforming Enzyme Function:  Old Scaffolds for New Activities
January 21 Dr. Doug Goodwin New Functions and New Modes from Old Scaffolds; Lessons in Heme Enzyme Medification
January 21 Mr. John Robbins
Determining the Catalytic Mechanism of a Flavin-dependent Monooxygenase Enzyme
February 25 Ms. Na Song Catalytic Tyrosine Model Systems Based on Mononuclear and Binuclear Copper(I) Complexes
February 25  Ms. Shalley Kudalkar
Dependence of Catalytic Activity of Catalase-Peroxidase on Intersubunit Interactions

March 25

Ms. Catherine Njeri

March 25

Mr. Qiao Zhang
April 22 Mr. Nootan Bhattarai

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