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Geosciences Colloquium - Frances O'Donnell

Jan 18, 2018 03:30 PM

"Fires, Forests, Floods, and FEMA: the Interactions of Water, Plants, and People"

By Frances O'Donnell, AU, Department of Engineering


Hosted By Dr. Stephanie Shepherd

Geosciences Colloquium - Kathy Sherman Morris

Dec 07, 2017 03:30 PM

"Hurricane Knowledge and Interpretation of Hurricane Forecast Graphics"

By Kathy Sherman Morris, Mississippi State University

Hosted by Dr. Karen McNeal

Geosciences Colloquium - Krishana Michaud

Nov 30, 2017 03:30 PM

"Student Opportunities at PDAC (Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada) 2018 - The world's biggest mining convention"

 A webinar by Krishana Michaud from Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada


Hosted by Stefanie Brueckner


The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) is the leading voice of the mineral exploration and development community. With over 8,000 members around the world, the PDAC’s mission is to promote a globally responsible, vibrant and sustainable minerals industry. As the trusted representative of the sector, PDAC encourages best practices in technical, operational, environmental, safety and social performance.


Geosciences Thesis Proposal - Justin Brundin

Nov 29, 2017 11:00 AM

"Natural Wood Preferences, Colonization Patterns, and Bioerosion by Marine Wood Borers, Mobile Bay Area, Alabama, USA."

Thesis Proposal by Justin Brundin


Hosted by Dr. Chuck Savdra

Geosciences Thesis Proposal - Eric Eubanks

Nov 17, 2017 01:00 PM

"Distribution of encrusting foraminifera at Mayaguana, Bahamas: Determining assemblage composition and relationship of test size and density to food availability"

Thesis Proposal by Eric Eubanks


Hosted by Dr. Ron Lewis

Geosciences Colloquium - Scott Brande

Nov 16, 2017 03:30 PM

"Active learning in STEM - exploiting video snip technology and tutorials to enhance lecture and lab"

by Scott Brande, University of Alabama - Birmingham

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