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Advising in COSAM

Advisors pose for a picture with 2010 COSAM Graduate, Ben Samuelson 

Role of Advisor in COSAM
Mandatory Advising
Pre Health Programs


In COSAM, the academic advisors provide advice about academic majors as well as information regarding rules and regulations related to COSAM and to Auburn University. Our advisors are here to help your son/daughter have a satisfying academic experience and encourage them to use the resources that are available on campus. All COSAM students are required to meet with their advisor at least once a semester for mandatory advising, but advisors are also available for appointments  and walk-ins during the student services business hours of 7:45AM-4:45PM, Monday- Friday (We close for lunch 11:45AM-12:45PM). The advisors do schedule appointments, although an appointment is not necessary to meet with an advisor.  If your son/daughter wishes to schedule an appointment, they need to call 334-844-4269, or email their individual advisor.

COSAM Academic Advisors

All students have an academic advisor in the Dean’s Office throughout their COSAM career. Academic advisors are assigned by major and last name. 

All pre-health declared OR undeclared majors (all BMSC, UNSM, and pre-health IBIO and MCMB, except Pre-Vet):

Last names A-DA:  Mrs. Katy Crider, 239 SCC,

Last names DE-I:  Mrs. Anna Allen, 239 SCC,

Last names J-MA:  Mrs. Katie Cooper, 239 SCC,

Last names MC-R:  Ms. Meredith Jones, 239 SCC,

Last names S-Z:  Mrs. Anna Burchett, 239 SCC,

All non pre-health BIOL department students (IBIO, CONS, ECEB, MCCM, MARB and all PVET): 
Valerie Tisdale, 101 Rouse,

Taylor Moss, 372 Chemistry Building,

All GEOS and PHYS majors (PHYS, GEOL, GEOG, ESYS):
Katie Cooper, 239 SCC,

For more information about the the COSAM Advisors, click here. 

Role of Advisor in COSAM

The role of the academic advisor in COSAM is to give students the tools, suggestions and context with which to make informed decisions.  It is your son/daughter’s responsibility to register for courses, seek out important information, be knowledgeable of policies and procedures, and to play an active role in their education. 

To find out more about our philosophy for advising please click here 

Mandatory Advising

Each semester, COSAM students are required to see an advisor prior to registration.  This typically occurs in October for spring semester registration, and in March for summer and fall semesters.  COSAM students are not permitted to register for courses until they have seen a COSAM advisor and have discussed a 2 semester plan with their advisor. 

Pre Health Programs

Although all of our professional academic advisors are knowledgeable about the requirements for acceptance to health professional schools,  we have a Director of Pre Health Programs, Mrs. Beverley Childress. She advises students about becoming competitive applicants for health professional schools and assists them with the admissions process to these programs.

For more detailed information on the COSAM pre health programs, please click here. 

Contact Information of Pre Health Director:

Beverley Childress, Director of Pre-Health Programs

Last Updated: 08/07/2018