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Stochastics Seminar
Time: Sep 16, 2015 (02:00 PM)
Location: Parker Hall 236


Speaker: Dr. Erkan Nane

Title: Space-time fractional stochastic partial differential equations

Abstract: In this talk I will consider non-linear time-fractional  stochastic heat type equations. These types of time fractional stochastic heat type equations are attractive models that can be used to model phenomenon with random effects with thermal memory. 

Under suitable conditions on the initial function, we study the asymptotic behavior of the solution with respect to time and the parameter $\lambda$. In particular, our results are significant extensions of those in recent papers by Foodun, Liu, Omaba, 2014,   Mijena, Nane, 2015, and Foondun-Khoshnevisan, 09.  Along the way, we prove a number of interesting properties about the deterministic counterpart of the equation. 

I will also mention some recent works on the time fractional stochastic heat type equation in the literature.

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