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Stochastics Seminar
Time: Nov 11, 2015 (02:00 PM)
Location: Parker Hall 236


Speaker: Dr. Erkan Nane

Title: Recent progress in the analysis of stochastic partial differential  equations.

Abstract: Stochastic  partial differential equations and random fields have been used as successful models  in various areas of applied mathematics, statistical mechanics, theoretical physics,  theoretical neuroscience,  theory  of complex chemical reactions, fluid dynamics, hydrology, cosmology, mathematical finance, and  other scientific areas. First, I will talk about the recent progress in the analysis of Stochastic partial differential equations in bounded domains. Then I will talk about some open problems in this fascinating area.

Dr. Erkan Nane will actually give two seminar talks on SPDEs this week, one on We 11/11 in the Stochastics seminar, the other on Fr 11/13 in the Applied Math seminar. The speaker assures me that the two talks will be very different. Thus, those who are interested in the subject are encouraged (and welcome) to attend both.

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