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Set Theoretic Topology Seminar
Time: Feb 17, 2016 (03:00 PM)
Location: Parker Hall 228

Paul Gartside of the University of Pittsburgh is visiting this week and would like to give a talk in the set theoretic topology seminar.   However, he will not be here tomorrow, so we are postponing tomorrow’s seminar to Wednesday at 3.;  More information later.

Title: The Strong Pytkeev Property in Function Spaces

Abstract: Tsaban and Zdomskyy introduced the strong Pytkeev property as a strong form of countable tightness. They showed that for every Polish space \(Y\) the function space \(C_k(Y)\) is strongly Pytkeev. I will present a complete characterization of those spaces \(Y\) such that \(C_k(Y)\) is strongly Pytkeev. I will also consider the situation in \(C_p(Y)\). (Joint work with Jeremiah Morgan.)

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