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Mathematics & Statistics Colloquium: Philippe Gaillard
Time: Mar 10, 2017 (04:00 PM)
Location: Parker Hall 249

Speaker: Philippe Gaillard

Title:  Two simple statistical tools: Ballantines for multiple regression, and a proportion test for agreement
Abstract: This presentation consists of the following parts:
1. Summary of the activity of the Statistical Consulting Center from Fall 2014 to Fall 2016
2. Overview of the research projects
3. Two statistical tools useful in statistical consulting:
      3.1. Ballantines are Venn diagrams used for the visual representation of shared variance. This representation is approximate (not to scale), I propose an exact representation in two
          dimensions, for the case of three variables.
      3.2. There are several existing methods to assess the agreement between two continuous variables. For this same purpose, I propose a proportion test, which combines some of
           the advantages of several of the existing methods.

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