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Set Theoretic Topology Seminar
Time: Apr 17, 2017 (04:00 PM)
Location: Parker Hall 228


Speaker: Joel Alberto Aguilar

Title: On Dense subspaces of countable pseudocharacter in function spaces (II)

Abstract: A space is $\psi$-separable if it has a dense subspace with countable pseudocharacter. We are going to prove that if $X$ is an infinite space and there exists a subspace with countable pseudocharacter $T\subset X\times X$ and $|T|\geq iw(X)$, then $C_{p}(X)$ is $\psi$-separable. We are also going to give an improvement on the fact that if $X$ is Corson compact, then $C_{p}(X)$ has a dense $\sigma$-discrete subpace.

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