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DMS Linear Algebar/Algebra Seminar
Time: Oct 03, 2017 (04:00 PM)
Location: Parker Hall 356


Speaker: Sunil Hans

Title: Annulus containing all the zeros of a polynomial

Abstract: As we know the properties of polynomials have been studied since the time of Gauss and Cauchy, and have played an important role in many scientific disciplines. Problems involving location of their zeros find important applications in many areas of applied mathematics. Since Abel and Ruffini proved that there is no general algebraic solution to polynomial equations of degree five or higher, the problem of finding an annulus containing all the zeros of a polynomial became much more interesting and over a period large number of results have provided in this direction.

This talk will introduce the new explicit bounds for the moduli of the zeros involving binomial coefficients, Fibonacci Numbers, Pell Numbers, Lucas Numbers and many more.

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