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DMS Colloquium: Claudiu Raicu
Time: Apr 06, 2018 (04:00 PM)
Location: Parker Hall 250



Speaker: Claudiu Raicu (Notre Dame) 

Title: Koszul modules

Abstract: The Cayley-Chow form of a projective variety \(X\) is an equation that detects when a linear space intersects \(X\) non-trivially. I will explain how it can be described when \(X\) is the Grassmannian of lines in its Plücker embedding, by relating it to a fascinating class of modules called Koszul modules. Despite their elementary definition, Koszul modules have close ties to the study of syzygies of generic canonical curves, and provide important applications to the structure of certain invariants of finitely presented groups. 

Joint work with M. Aprodu, G. Farkas, S. Papadima, and J. Weyman.

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