Troy Best
Troy L. Best
Professor and Curator of Mammals

Vertebrate Ecology, Systematics, Mammalogy,

Ornithology, Herpetology, Endangered Species

OFFICE: 350 Funchess Hall

PHONE: 334/844-9260

FAX: 334/844-9234


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Experiences in the Field

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White-nosed coatis in Arenal National Park, Costa Rica
Variegated squirrel in San José, Costa Rica
Stalking a giraffe in Mbuluzi Nature Reserve, Swaziland
South American sealions in San Antonio Province, Chile
Lion watching, Kruger National Park, South Africa
Jesus Christ lizard in the Río Frio, Costa Rica
Hyraxes on the rocks, Malolotja Nature Reserve, Swaziland
Guanaco nursing in Argentina
Greater bulldog bat in Colima, Mexico
Gray sac-winged bat in Mexico
Dawn at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico
Common vampire bat in Mexico
Close enough, Kruger National Park, South Africa
Banner-tailed kangaroo rat
Lesser Prairie-chicken on a lek in New Mexico
Bats exiting a cave in northern Alabama
Identifying a bat in Africa
Research camp in Argentina
Looking for migratory bats in Mexican caves
Plotting collecting localities in Alabama
Thunderstorm in Big Bend National Park, Texas
Grazing in Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya
Bats in Arizona
Reptiles in New Mexico
Birds in New Mexico
Quesadillas in Mexico
Sunset at Carlsbad Cavern, New Mexico
Setting the harp trap in northern Alabama
Adjusting the recording equipment
Capturing infrared images of bats
Visiting research collections
Asking lots of questions
Catching fruit bats in South America
Listening for bats in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta, Alabama
Checking field photos in New Mexico
Setting traps in southern Alabama
Catching bats in Mexico
Nope, not a bat!
Catching up on field notes, New Mexico
Taking a break from field work in Mexico
Setting up the mega-net in southern Alabama
Finding a campsite in Zacatecas, Mexico
Kangaroo rat on Padre Island, Texas
Searching for parasites, Arizona
Stalking a hoary marmot in Washington
Identifying a cowbird in Argentina
Capturing cotton rats in Mexico
Baiting camera stations in tree canopy
Volcán de Fuego, Colima, Mexico
Bat crew in southern Alabama
How to catch a mammal
Supplies for class population grid
Bats leaving the cave. Where do they go for dinner?
Lekking Lesser Prairie-chickens
Volcán de Fuego, Jalisco, Mexico
Examining specimens of Asian mammals
Bath with a radiotransmitter, northern Alabama
Checking the dermestid colony
Black-tailed jackrabbit
San Joaquin Valley kangaroo rat, California
Sign of protection for pumas in Mexico
Arctic ground squirrel in Alaska
Catching mice on a lava field in New Mexico
Getting ready for aerial radiotelemetry
Puma skull from voyage of H.M.S. Beagle
Monitoring movements of bats in northern Alabama
Price of lunch in Cachi, Argentina, 2004
Iquazú Falls in South America
Catching endangered bats in Alabama
San Quintin kangaroo rat, Baja California, Mexico
Recording data on vegetation transects in New Mexico
Camp on Isla San José, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Preparing to mist-net bats in northern Alabama
T. L. Best searching for a maned wolf in Argentina
Field Biology and Ecology class trip in Baja California Sur, Mexico
Camp in Coahuila, Mexico
Collared lizard in New Mexico
Filming television documentary about bats
Nest of an oven bird in Argentina
Radiotracking bats in Alabama
Ghost bat in Mexico
Recording radiotelemetry data
Burrow of banner-tailed kangaroo rat
Fruit bat in a Kenyan mine
Cacti and boojum trees in Baja California, Mexico
Getting close to a humpback whale in Massachusetts
Pallid bat and enthusiast
Excavated burrow of kangaroo rat in Baja California, Mexico
Bighorn sheep once roamed this desert
Sunset in Colima, Mexico
Programming game cameras, Mexico
Sunrise in Colima, Mexico