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Brian S. Helms
Biological Sciences
Assistant Research Professor and Invertebrate Collections Manager

Office: 132 Biodiversity Learning Center

101 Rouse Life Sciences Bldg.
Auburn University, AL 36849

Phone: (334) 844-7345
Fax: (334) 844-1645


Ph.D. - Biological Sciences – Auburn University
M.S. - Biological Sciences – Appalachian State University

Professional Employment

B.Sc. - Zoology – North Carolina State University

Research and Teaching Interests

Invertebrate biology, ecology and conservation, with a particular emphasis on crayfishes.  I also have strong interests in general freshwater community ecology, particularly as it relates to ecosystem management and restoration.

Selected Publications

  1. Simpson, A., I. Turner, E. Brantley, and B. Helms. 2014.  Bank erosion hazard index (BEHI) as an indicator of near-bank macroinvertebrate assemblage structure in a southeastern Piedmont stream.  Ecological Indicators 43:19-28.
  2. Helms, B.S., Z. Loughman, B. Brown, and J. Stoeckel.  2013 Recent advances in crayfish biology, ecology, and conservation.  Freshwater Science 32: 1273-1275.
  3. Helms, B.S., W. Budnick, P. Pecora, E. Kosnicki J. Feminella, and J. Stoeckel. 2013.  The influence of soil type, congeneric cues, and floodplain connectivity on the local burrowing distribution of Cambarus diogenes Girard. Freshwater Science 32: 1322-1333.
  4. Skelton, J., K. Farrell, R.P. Creed, B.W. Williams, C. Ames, B. Helms, J. Stoeckel, and B. Brown.  2013.  The symbiotic association of crayfish and branchiobdellidan annelids; a burgeoning field in crayfish biology and a potential model system.  Freshwater Science 32: 1345-1357.
  5. Helms, B, C. Figiel, J. Rivera, J. Stoeckel, G. Stanton, and T. Keller.  2013 Life history observations, environmental associations, and soil preferences of the Piedmont Blue Burrower (Cambarus (Depressicambarus)harti) Hobbs.  Southeastern Naturalist 12: 143-160.
  6. Steen, D., L. Connor, L. Smith, L. Provencher, J. Hiers, S. Pokswinski, B. Helms, and C. Guyer.  2013.  Bird assemblage response to restoration of fire-suppressed longleaf pine sandhills.  Ecological Applications 23: 134-147.
  7. Barrett, K, S. Samoray, B. Helms, and C. Guyer.  2012.  Southern Two-lined Salamander diets in urban and forested watersheds in streams of western Georgia.  Southeastern Naturalist 11: 287-296.
  8. Helms, B., D. Werneke, M. Gangloff, E. Hartfield, and J. Feminella.  2011.  The influence of low-head dams on fish assemblages in streams across Alabama.  Journal of the North American Benthological Society 30: 1095-1106.
  9. Nagy, R.C., B.G. Lockaby, B. Helms, L. Kalin, and D. Stoeckel.  2011.  Water resources and land use and cover in a humid region: the southeastern United States.  Journal of Environmental Quality 40: 867-878. 


Undergraduate Graduate
Princliples of Ecology - BIOL3060
Undergraduate Seminar - BIOL4950

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