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Philip Chaney
Associate Professor

Research Areas: Water Resources, Coastal Geography and Hazards

Office: 2046D Haley Center

2050 Beard Eaves Coliseum
Auburn, AL 36849

Phone: (334) 844-3420
Fax: (334) 844-3409


Ph.D., Geography, Louisiana State University
M.A., Geography, University of Arkansas
B.S., Agriculture, University of Arkansas

Professional Employment

Associate Professor, Auburn University
2005 - Present
Assistant Professor, Auburn University
Instructor/Visiting Assistant Professor, Auburn University

Professional Activities

Professional Surveyor, State of Arkansas #1169 (1989)

Research and Teaching Interests

Human-Environment Interaction is central to my work at Auburn University. My focus these days is on Water Resources in the areas of Water Use, Policy and Sustainability.

Selected Publications

  1. Jescovitch, L.N., P.L. Chaney, and C.E. Boyd. 2016. A preliminary assessment of land-to-water surface area ratios (LWR) for sustainable land use in aquaculture. Papers in Applied Geography 2(2): 178-188.
  2. Chaney, P.L., G.S. Weaver, S.A. Youngblood, and K. Pitts. 2013. Household preparedness for tornado hazards: the 2011 disaster in Macon County, Alabama. Weather, Climate, and Society 05: 345-358.
  3. Chaney, P.L., C.E. Boyd, and E. Polioudakis. 2012. Number, size, and distribution of small impoundments in Alabama. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 67 (2): 111-121.
  4. Chaney, P.L. and G.S. Weaver. 2010. The vulnerability of mobile home residents in tornado disasters: the 2008 Super Tuesday tornado in Macon County, Tennessee. Weather, Climate, and Society 2: 190-199.
  5. Boyd, C.A., P.L. Chaney, C.E. Boyd, and D.B. Rouse. 2009. Distribution of ground water suitable for use in saline-water aquaculture in central and west-central Alabama. Journal of Applied Aquaculture 21-4: 228-240. 

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