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Miocene sequences in NE Bengal Basin
Stream cutting Oligocene Sequence in NE Assam
Train carrying Paleogene Coal in Assam, India
Stilwell Road map in Assam, India
Dr. Uddin and his team working hard...
Sari River, Sylhet Trough, Bengal Basin
Paleogene loaded sequences in Assam, India
Stream draining Coaly Sequences, Assam, India
Oligocene thickly bedded sandstones, Assam, India
Field Transportation used for sample collection, Bengal Basin, Bangladesh
Oligocene strata, Assam, India
Panoramic view of the Jaintia Hills, Sylhet Trough, Bangladesh
Barail sequences in Sylhet Trough, Bangladesh
Gently dipping Oligocene Beds, Bangladesh
Roadcut stratigraphy in Sylhet Trough, Bangladesh
Dry Brahmaputra river bed in January, Assam.
Fresh sediment core sample in a PVC tube from a drilled well
Groundwater sampling from a well after purging
Researchers are collecting water samples
Arsenic contaminated tube well marked with red X
Researchers from Auburn University at a drill site in central Bangladesh
Dauki River between Shillong Plateau and Sylhet Trough