Charles Savrda

A message from the Former Interim Dean

Charles E. Savrda

Greetings to all in the COSAM Family. By the time you read this missive, I already will have returned to my faculty office in Petrie Hall and begun the process of recharging my professorial batteries. I will certainly enjoy renewed interaction with students in the Department of Geology and Geography, a greater presence in the classroom, laboratory, and field, and, yes, the far less frequent need to don a jacket and tie. However, I also know that I will sorely miss the broader leadership role that I have been so fortunate to play for the College of Sciences and Mathematics for nearly three years.

As exemplified by many of those featured in this issue of Journey, COSAM students, faculty, staff, and alumni are collectively outstanding, and to work with all of these constituents has been an honor and without question the highlight of my career. Students featured in these pages, including the 2013 Dean’s Medalists and the COSAM Leaders, are but a small representation of the larger COSAM student body that has embraced the tenets outlined in the Auburn Creed, most importantly the principle of hard work. Similarly, the newly named endowed professors, teaching award recipients, award-winning advisors, and others that you will read about herein represent just a small fraction of the roughly

250 exceptional faculty and staff members who work so hard to advance the instructional, research, and outreach missions of the college. Also reflected in this issue, our alumni continue to do great things that heighten COSAM’s reputation and, by their generous gifts, empower current students, faculty, and staff. For these reasons, I am proud to be part of, and to have been of service to, COSAM.

While my departure from the Dean’s Office is bittersweet, I am delighted that Dr. Nick Giordano has now taken the helm. Prior to his August arrival at Auburn University, Dr. Giordano was a professor and head of the Department of Physics at Purdue University where he built a reputation as an accomplished teacher and scientist and honed his leadership skills in various college-level administrative posts. I know COSAM faculty, staff, and students are excited to have him onboard and will follow him in his commitment to the college. I encourage COSAM alumni and other friends to personally welcome Dr. Giordano to the COSAM Family at first opportunity. More importantly, I urge you to continue to support the college in all ways possible. While Dr. Giordano is well-equipped to face the many challenges of COSAM leadership, your gifts, whether they come in the form of time, talents, or treasures, will be vitally important in his leading the college forward.

With best wishes and gratitude for all you do for COSAM,

Charles E. (Chuck) Savrda

Interim Dean and Professor