COSAM at Harvard

SutherlandSutherland conducts undergraduate research at Harvard

Robert Sutherland, a junior in COSAM who is majoring in physics, spent the summer at Harvard University’s Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory conducting undergraduate research with experts in the field of X-ray astronomy. The program was an internship where Sutherland worked under the guidance of Randal Smith, an astrophysicist in the High Energy Astrophysics Division of the observatory.

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TauntonCOSAM makes Alabama history at Harvard

COSAM alumni David Taunton and Robert Copeland share more than their small-town roots. The foundations they built as pre-med students in the late 1950s and relationships they forged with key faculty members would carry them through Auburn and on to the Medical College of Alabama (now the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine). Upon graduation, they would make history as the college’s first students selected by Harvard Medical School for an internship and postgraduate training in internal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, the primary teaching hospital of Harvard.

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