Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy for GSC Senators

  1. All Senators from each department are required to attend all general meetings of the GSC Senate, unless due to illness or another excuse approved by the President.
  2. If a Senator is absent for a meeting (excused or otherwise), a substitute must be sent in his or her place, and the GSC Secretary should be informed prior to the meeting. This substitute should be a member of the absentee Senator's department, and is authorized to act as a member of the GSC Senate with all the rights and privileges defined in Article 2 Section 2.1 of the Constitution.
  3. No person can be a substitute for more than one Senator at any one meeting, and no Senator may be a substitute for another Senator.

Policy for Determining "Active" GSC Departments


  1. By default, each department with two Senators appointed to the GSC is considered to be "active".
  2. The Executive Committee may vote to remove the "active" status of a department only in the case that at least one of the following apply:
    • The GPO for a department has not appointed two Senators to the GSC by the first day of the semester.
    • A Senator from that department misses two meetings in a semester without being excused by illness or another excuse approved by the President (see Article 2 Section 3.1 of Code of Laws).
    • A department has less than two Senators or substitutes (as outlined in Article 2 Section 3.1) for two meetings within a semester.
    • A department is not represented in any University or GSC Committees.
    • A Senator from that department does not that represent their department in any University or GSC Committees AND does not volunteer to help run any GSC Event throughout their election term.
  3. The Secretary is responsible for keeping track of each Department's active status and informs the Executive Committee when any of the above criteria for removing active status is met.
  4. If the Executive Committee votes to remove a department's active status, then that department's Senators and GPO should be notified immediately.
  5. The Webmaster should maintain each Department's active or inactive status on the GSC website. If a department is inactive, the website should explain why.
  6. A department's active status is automatically reinstated at the end of a semester when none of the criteria for removing active status have been met.



Created On: Sep 15, 2011

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2015

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