Meeting Agenda: August 2012


Meeting Agenda: August 2012


Document : GSC Senate Meeting Agenda

Meeting Type : GSC Senate Meeting

Date : August 29, 2012

Location : Room 2223, Student Center

Time : 7:00 PM


Call to Order  

Welcome from the Dean of the Graduate School (Dr. George T. Flowers)

Introduction to the GSC Executive Board of Officers

  • Officers
    • President: Glenn Hughes
    • Exec. Vice President: Jennifer Duggan
    • Vice President: Dana Lashley
    • Secretary: Pranav Vengsarkar
    • Treasurer: Winston Crowder
    • SGA Representative: Kristine Jones

Welcome from the President  

  • Glenn Hughes, President, GSC

Old Business

  • Vice-President, Dana Lashley
    • Change in GSC organizational status

New Business  

A] Meeting Format Information- Vice-President, Dana Lashley


B] Vote on GSC committee modifications- Vice-President, Dana Lashley


C] Information on GSC committees-

  • President, Glenn Hughes
    • Welfare Committee
  • Exec Vice President, Jennifer Duggan
    • Events Committee


  • Vice President, Dana Lashley
    • Ways and Means Committee
  • Secretary, Pranav Vengsarkar
    • Communications Committee
  • SGA Representative, Kristi Jones (Jennifer Duggan)
    • SGA Committee
  • Treasurer, Winston Crowder
    • Budget and Finance Committee

D] Graduate Student Activities Fee- Treasurer, Winston Crowder

GSC Announcements

  • Exec Vice President, Jennifer Duggan
    • GSC Fall Semester Senate Meetings
    • Colloquium Series Information & Volunteer recruitment
  • Vice President, Dana Lashley
    • Graduate Status Sticker Information
    • O-day update
    • Provost Open Forum

Senator Announcements


Q&A with Dr. Flowers**



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