Meeting Agenda: November 2012

Meeting Agenda: November 2012

Document : GSC Senate Meeting Agenda

Meeting Type : GSC Senate Meeting

Date : November 27, 2012

Location : Room 2223, Student Center

Time : 7:00 PM

Call to Order

Approval of Meeting Minutes from October 30th meeting 

Old Business

A] Graduate Student Fee Progress Update- Treasurer, Winston Crowder


B] Events Committee (New Spring Event)/ Update - Executive Vice-President, Jennifer Duggan


C] Communications Committee Update - Secretary, Pranav Vengsarkar


New Business

A] Amendment Recommendations from the Rules Committee – Vice-President, Dana Lashley


1. Changing Executive VP selection process

2. Prohibition of endorsing candidates 

3. Allowing E-board the handling of matters not defined in constitution 

     (Please see attached PDF for full list of amendments)


 B] Amendment of Article 2, Section 4 of GSC Code of Laws: Departmental Participation in the GSC    Senator, Jameson Sofge

If a department becomes inactive then that department will lose all voting rights until returned to active status.

No graduate students will be prevented from participating in any graduate student events regardless of the status of their department.

GSC Announcements

  • SGA Announcements/Report- Secretary, Pranav Vengsarkar

Senator Announcements



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Last Updated: Nov 30, 2012

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