Meeting Minutes for August 29, 2012

Meeting Minutes


Meeting Type:           Fall Senate Meeting

Date:                           August 29, 2012

Location:                    Room 2223, Student Center

Time:                         7:00 PM


Call to Order

            Speaker: Dana Lashley, GSC Vice-President

Welcomed and called to order the GSC Senate. It is noted that the SGA Representative, Kristi Jones, was not present for this meeting. 

Welcome from the Dean of the Graduate School

            Speaker: Dr. George Flowers, Dean of the Graduate School

                        Welcomed new and old senators to the GSC and explained the idea behind the GSC and the work it does. An overview of events organized in the past by the GSC for graduate students was given along with a brief overview about the relationship of the GSC with the SGA (Student Government Association).

Welcome from the GSC President

Speaker: Glenn Hughes, GSC President

Welcomed the senators to the first official GSC meeting and highlighted the changes occurring in the GSC this year. This included the aim to make the GSC more senator- centric and make it easier for senators to voice their opinion by having an informal session at the end of each meeting. Senators were also informed about the organizational changes which are going to happen with the GSC over this year and the next.


Old Business

Speaker: Dana Lashley, GSC Vice-President 


Topic- Change in GSC organizational status

            The Department of the Vice President for Student Affairs is helping in the process of restructuring the GSC's position in the University.  It will be our attempt to separate ourselves from the Student Government Association while maintaining similar funding. This is being pursued keeping in mind that graduate/professional student needs are different from undergraduate needs and to gain more organizational independence. We are in the process of contacting both Pharmacy and Veterinarian Student Associations for them to consider moving with out from under the SGA. A representation of the changes is shown in Appendix A. 






New Business

Speaker: Dana Lashley, GSC Vice-President


Topic- Meeting Format Information

             Outlined the new and improved format of the GSC meetings and introduced the senators to the use of i-clickers® for voting. A trial vote was carried out to familiarize the senators with the system. A simplified Robert’s Rules of Order to be used during the meeting was also explained and is provided in Appendix B. 


Topic- Vote on GSC Committee modifications

             Explained the reason (i.e. reduction in complexity) why the different events committees (Appreciation Week Committee, Events Committee and Research Week Committee) should be combined into a comprehensive Events Committee headed by the Exec. Vice-President. The need to form a separate SGA committee was also detailed and a call for a motion was made.

Ø  Motion: To combine Appreciation Week Committee, Events Committee and Research into a comprehensive Events Committee headed by the Exec.Vice-President & to form a SGA committee headed by the SGA Representative.


Moved by: Senator Christopher W. Perr ; Seconded    Approved: 48 Opposed 6



Topic- Information on GSC Committees

     The senators were informed that they are required to serve on either a university committee or a GSC committee. The university committees have already been filled and the GSC committees will be filled on first-come first-serve basis. The senators were asked to send their top 3 choices in GSC committees to the Secretary via email by 5.00 PM on Thursday, September 30th, 2012. If the senators were unable to get a committee of his/her choice due to filling up of available slots, they would be assigned a committee by the executive board.



Speaker: Glenn Hughes, GSC President


Topic- Details about Welfare Committee

The Welfare Committee addresses concerns of the graduate students in various issues, investigates university issues which affect graduate students and regularly updates the Senate about any findings.

Speaker: Jennifer Duggan, Exec. Vice President


Topic- Details about Events Committee

            Listed the events which the GSC has planned for the year and requested senators to join the Events Committee to help organize these events. This committee will work closely with the communications committee to advertise these events.


Big events: 

      GSC Research Forum Feb 26- Feb 28

      Research Week April


Fall events:

      Colloquia  First one is on Sept 13

      Fall Social  Sept 20

      Fall Graduate Student  Appreciation Week

      Tailgating before football games if interested

      Christmas Party.


Speaker: Dana Lashley, GSC Vice-President


Topic- Details about Ways & Means (Rules) Committee

The Ways & Means (Rules) Committee makes sure the GSC runs according to constitution during the meeting. It also suggests amendments, updates the constitution and organizes elections.


Speaker: Pranav Vengsarkar, GSC Secretary


Topic- Details about Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for contacting the media about GSC news/events and managing the GSC's online presence. The following positions are present in this committee-

      Official Photographers for GSC Events –2 Senators

      Managing GSC activities on online social sites – 1 Senators

      Managing GSC Website - 1 Senator (Preferably with web designing experience)

      Designing Flyers/ T-shirts etc. for GSC events (1-2 Senators) (Preferably senators with some creative skills)

      Contact for Online presence – 1 Senator ( Work with the Plainsman, This Week @ AU etc. to get GSC and other graduate news published)


Speaker: Jennifer Duggan, Exec. Vice President (on behalf of SGA Rep. Kristi Jones)


Topic- Details about SGA Committee

            This committee needs about three Senators and these Senators will alternate attending weekly SGA meetings to assist Kristi in relaying info to the GSC Senate. One of these three will essentially be a proxy since SGA Rep. cannot attend regular meetings and will sit in as SGA Rep. on E-board. This committee is a great opportunity to get involved in student government and is a great way to make a difference in graduate student life to make sure the needs of graduate students are addressed by SGA.



Speaker: Winston Crowder, GSC Treasurer


Topic- Details about Finance Committee

            The Finance Committee is responsible for submitting the Annual GSC Budget and managing the GSC Budget during the year. This committee will also budget the Graduate Student Activities Fee and bring it up before the senate to vote on.


Topic- Graduate Student Activities Fee

A proposal for a new Graduate Student fee applicable to all the around 4000 graduate students was brought before the senate and the need for this fee was explained. The new fee would be enhance the flexibility and quantity of the current GSC funds and would be framed in such a way to ensure that all the funds go towards only graduate student activities. It is to be noted that the fee will have no effect on the funds currently allocated to the GSC but will be an addition to them. The current GSC funds have several restrictions and the funds generated from this fee won’t have any restrictions and would open up several possibilities for the GSC including having off campus events since it will almost double the available amount of funds. However, it was explained that none of this will be carried out without senate approval and hence the Finance committee will form a budget for first a proposed $20, $10 or $5 fee/semester. This will be brought up before the senate for vote during the September meeting. If this fails, the committee will re-budget and the senate will vote again in October for the fee. If this vote fails too, the fee will be scrapped. These amounts for the fee will be discussed by the Finance committee and are open for change.


Senator Question (Senator Dave Perera): Is the budget for the GSC allocated for the next fiscal year & can there be monthly updates on the status of the GSC budget?

Response Summary (Treasurer Winston Crowder):  Yes. The events to be had for the year have already been planned and an estimate of the funds required has been made. The finance committee can definitely look into making the GSC budget more transparent and have something similar to financial statements available to senators every month.



Ø  Motion: To rename the Ways & Means Committee to Rules Committee.


Moved by: Senator David Adams; Seconded    Approved: 49 Opposed 10



Ø  Motion: To distribute the GSC Constitution and Bylaws to the senators.


Moved by: Senator David Adams; Seconded    Approved: 49 Opposed 10


Senator Question (Senator Ricardo Mendez): How is the SGA Rep. associated with the functioning of the GSC and why is the position there?

Response Summary (Vice President Dana Lashley):  The SGA Rep. is first a part of the SGA and is elected by the SGA as their graduate representative. She acts as liason between the SGA and the GSC. She is in charge of relaying decisions which the SGA makes which affect graduate students and voices the graduate student concerns in the SGA.


Senator Question (Senator Dave Perera): How will the SGA Rep. Position be classified after the GSC’s organizational (SAP) changes?

Response Summary (Vice President Dana Lashley):  This matter is still unresolved and will be taken up by the Rules Committee as soon as it is formed.


Senator Question (Senator Dave Perera): How will the SGA Rep. Position be classified after the GSC’s organizational (SAP) changes?

Response Summary (Vice President Dana Lashley):  This matter is still unresolved and will be taken up by the Rules Committee as soon as it is formed.


Senator Question (Senator Daniel Smith): Is it possible for the data gathered in the previous year regarding parking and other issues is made available to everyone?

Response Summary (Vice President Dana Lashley):  We can try to compile the data from the previous year and send it out to the senators.





Speaker: Jennifer Duggan, Exec. Vice President


Topic- GSC Fall Semester Senate Meetings

            The senators were notified of the dates, location and timings of the future senate meetings.


Location- Student Center #2223 7.00-9.00 PM

      Tuesday, September 25th

      Tuesday, October 30th

      Tuesday, November 27th


Topic- Colloquium Series information and Volunteer requirements

The dates for the Fall Colloquium Series sponsored by the GSC were announced and volunteers were asked to help with event management.


Location- 12.30 PM in the Student Center Ballroom


1st Colloquium- September 13th, Thursday

2nd Colloquium- October 11th, Thursday

3rd Colloquium- November 27th, Tuesday



Speaker: Dana Lashley, GSC Vice-President


Topic- Graduate Status Sticker Information

            Senators were informed about the newly created graduate student status stickers which are put on their ID cards and give them access to various graduate student deals and events. The current deals include $1 drink discount at Balcony Bar and 10% off all food at Fishizzles restaurant in Auburn. Details about using the sticker to get access to a Fall social event for all graduate students at Balcony Bar on September 20th were also given.

Topic- O-day update

            Senators were asked to visit the GSC table on O-day September 30th on the Concourse between 10.00 AM and 2.00 PM to collect their graduate student stickers and also forward this information to their departments.

Topic- Provost Open Forum

On September 11th, from 2-3pm in Foy 258, there will be a Provost Open Forum to discuss the pending central classroom facility (will take the place of Haley Center within the next few years). If anyone has long term plans to stay at Auburn and either be a student or professor, then this meeting should be a high priority.

Adjournment- The official meeting was adjourned at 8.00 PM




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