Meeting Minutes for January 30th, 2013


Meeting Minutes


Meeting Type:           Spring Senate Meeting

Date:                           January 30, 2013

Location:                    Room 238, Broun Hall

Time:                         7:00 PM


Call to Order

            Speaker: Dana Lashley, GSC Vice-President

Welcomed and called to order the GSC Senate.

Approval of Meeting Minutes from October 2012 Meeting

            Speaker: Dana Lashley, GSC Vice-President

            No corrections for the November Meeting Minutes were put forth and the minutes were approved as they were.


Old Business

Speaker: Dana Lashley, GSC Vice-President


Topic- Amendment Recommendations from the Rules Committee.


Amendment #1: GSC could save a lot of time by allowing friendly, relevant amendments to a proposed amendment. These should be an enhancement to the original or a clarification of intent or just correction of typos. 

The following amendment suggestion is for GSC Code of Laws, Article 1, Section 4.

4. Secondary amendments may be proposed when the primary amendment is brought to the floor, provided they are relevant to the primary, as determined by the GSC Meeting Chair. These do not require a week’s notice and may be added to the original amendment with a simple majority Senate vote. A two third majority vote is required to pass the amendment as a whole.

Moved by: Senator James Hammer; Seconded    Approved: 64 Opposed 2


Senator Question (Senator David Bourrie): Why don’t we get rid of the one week notice?

Response Summary (Vice-President, Dana Lashley): The one week notice is in place simply for the senators and the officers to get information on upcoming constitutional amendments and prevent them being surprised in case of any controversial amendments.


Senator Suggestion (Senator Koparan Iscan): In the future is it possible to put a timecap on such proposed additional amendments so that it doesn’t turn into a discussion?

Response Summary (Vice-President, Dana Lashley): Such a thing can be added in the future, but currently it’s being left at the discretion of the session chair.




Amendment #2: Executive VP to be recommended annually by the GSC Hiring Committee with Senate approval (instead of the Executive Committee or the Graduate School). The suggested amendments below to Constitution and Bylaws are to be voted on as a package.

GSC Constitution

Section 1.2: Administrative Vice President 

  1. The Administrative Vice President (hereafter, AVP) is shall be selected by the elected officers of the Executive Committee  the GSC Hiring Committee for that election term by an application and interview process.
  2. The AVP shall receive a stipend for his or her services to the GSC.
  3. If the Graduate School provides a matching stipend to the AVP in exchange for further service to the Graduate School, then the AVP is selected by the Graduate School, and this selection is confirmed by the elected officers of the Executive Committee. In this case, the AVP is referred to as the Executive Vice President.
  4. The AVP handles all administrative duties for the GSC. The AVP keeps track of GSC Senate meeting attendance and notifies any department of which one or more Senators have been absent without excuse for any meeting of the GSC Senate.
  5. The AVP keeps track of each department's active status as outlined in Section 4 of the GSC Code of Laws and keeps this record updated on the GSC Website. 
  6. The AVP is responsible for the execution of an annual GSC-sponsored research competition.
  7. The AVP does not have voting rights.
  8. The AVP may not act as the Senator for his/her department.


GSC Bylaws


SECTION 9: Hiring Committee (HC)

  1. The default appointment for the HC chairperson shall be the GSC President.
  2. The HC shall conduct the annual interview and application process for the AVP / Executive Vice President (as defined in Article 1 Section 1.2) starting in the Spring Semester of each year. 
  3. If the current AVP / Executive Vice President is not reapplying, then he or she may serve as a non-voting consultant to the HC. 
  4. The Graduate School may put forward a HC member to serve as a liaison. 
  5. Members of the HC may not apply for the AVP / Executive Vice President position. 
  6. The HC shall recommend a candidate for appointment as the AVP / Executive Vice President by general consensus of the committee. This recommendation must be approved by a majority Senate vote during the March meeting of the GSC Senate. 
  7. If the Senate does not approve of the AVP / Executive Vice President, then the AVP / Executive Vice President shall be selected by the Graduate School. 
  8. If no HC has been formed by the first day of the Spring Semester then the GSC Welfare Committee shall act as the HC for that election term. 


SECTION 1: General Rules Governing Committee Operations

4.  Except for the President, no person may be appointed to serve as Chairperson for more than one committee. The President may serve as Chairperson for one two committees in addition to serving as Chairperson for the Executive Committee.

Moved by: Senator David Adams; Seconded    Approved: 57 Opposed 12



Senator Question (Senator Koparan Iscan): Would it be more democratic if the Hiring Committee brings forth 2 or 3 candidates?

Response Summary (Vice-President, Dana Lashley): It would probably be more democratic if that happened, but the Hiring Committee will be going through a lot of effort to carefully select the best candidate and the Rules Committee felt that the senators should trust the representative they have on that committee to make a sound decision. If the senators feel like the selection was incorrect, the selection does go for a vote in front of the senate before final approval, so the senators have a choice then.


Senator Question (Senator David Bourrie): Legally there may be issues where the GSC Hiring Committee members can be sued if people raise questions regarding the hiring process.

Response Summary (Vice-President, Dana Lashley): The process is going to be completely transparent and everyone has to trust the judgment of the Hiring Committee. Also, the Grad School will also have a representative on the committee to oversee the selection.



Amendment #3: GSC is currently not following its constitution regarding the SGA representative.

Proposed Amendments: Remove Article 1 section 1.6. of Constitution and insert it into Article 2 as a new section 2.1 with the following changes to the original wording:


The Executive Committee shall consist of the following Executive Officers:

  • President
  • Administrative Vice President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • SGA Representative

Section 1.6 2.1: SGA Representative

  1. The SGA Representative for the Graduate School  from the Graduate Student Council serves as an SGA Senator as well as an honorary GSC Senator and represents the views, ideas, and opinions of the GSC to the SGA Senate..
  2. The GSC's SGA Representative is determined by a vote within the previous year's GSC Senate, except when the position is vacated in the middle of the election term (see Article 7 Sec. 2 of Code of Laws).       
  3. The GSC's SGA Representative reports events relevant to graduate students and the SGA agenda to the GSC Executive Committee and Senate as it pertains to the welfare of graduate students.
  4. The GSC's SGA Representative abides by the GSC Constitution and Code of Laws as well as the SGA Constitution and Code of Laws.
  5. The GSC's SGA Representative may make motions but has no voting rights unless he/she is also acting as a GSC Senator.

Moved by: Senator Rafael Egues; Seconded    Approved: 61 Opposed 10


Senator Question (Senator David Adams): Can they be a senator selected by their department?

Response Summary (Vice-President, Dana Lashley): Yes



Amendment #4: Goal: Better documentation of GSC Committee Meetings for future Senators and Officers to be able to follow and progress.

The following is proposed to be added to GSC Code of Laws, Article 5 GSC COMMITTEES as Section 1.6:

The Chair of each Committee shall document their meeting agendas and resolutions for future purposes.

Moved by: Senator Keith Caldwell; Seconded    Approved: 70 Opposed 3




New Business

Speaker: Dana Lashley, GSC Vice-President


Topic- Information about upcoming Officer Elections


·         Positions Open: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

·         Candidates can only run for two pre-decided positions, no rollover of candidates like previous years.

·         Candidates can submit a paragraph with their information and objectives so that other senators can view it online.

·         Candidates will probably be allowed a 2-5 min speech on the day of the election (March Senate Meeting).

·         Candidacy deadline will probably be one week, no last minute candidates will be allowed.






1) Update on upcoming GSC Scholars Forum and Research Week- Exec. Vice-President, Jennifer Duggan

GSC Scholars Forum

-February 26 - 28 in Student Center 2nd Floor wing all day each day

-Deadline for abstract submissions is Friday, Feb 1st at 11:59 pm

-We need volunteers to help out in general (registration, moderators, etc )

-We will be sending out a doodle poll in the coming weeks to ask for help


Judges for GSC Scholars Forum

-We still need to recruit judges

-Please ask the faculty members in your departments to participate as judges

-Post-doctoral students can also participate as judges

-Events and Communications committee: please meet me briefly after adjournment of this meeting


Nova Points

-We will be giving away prizes to people that attend the GSC Scholars' Forum

- We will have a bowl to drop names in and we will draw the winners


Award winners and Prize giveaways at March 20th colloquium

-We will be announcing the graduate students who have qualified for Research Week and give certificates 

-We will also announce the Nova Points winners and distribute prizes


Upcoming February Colloquium

-February 14th at 12:30 in Student Center Ballroom A

-Short informative session on resources available to Graduate Students from someone at the Career Center

-SGA Presidential Candidates

-Pizza Lunch


New Social Location for Graduate Students

-The Stir, next to Waffle House on Glenn

-Offering discounts with student ID sticker

-Next graduate student social will be March 1 at the Stir




2) SGA Report- SGA representative, Kristi Jones

-Details about a new SGA resolution regarding the use of reserve funds from Student Activity Fees for the hiring of advisors were given out and discussed. The entire resolution is attached below in the Appendix.

- Presidential Candidate Debate: Feb18th 7:00 PM Student Center Ballroom

- SGA Elections: Feb 18th

Senator Announcements- None

Adjournment- The official meeting was adjourned at 8.00 PM


Note: Some responses may have been truncated or not included so as to make this document concise. These responses may have been lengthy or irrelevant to the topic at hand.






RESOLUTION TO:      Student Senate

FROM:             Harrison Mills, At-Large; Amy Anne Olsen, At-Large            

RE:      Resolution to Fund Advisor Salaries through Student Activity Fees

DATE:                         February 4, 2013

PSSR:               13-0204-01



Resolution to Fund Adviser Salaries through Student Activity Fees


WHEREAS,     the Division of Student Affairs recognizes an increasing need for Student Counseling Services, Crisis Management and Preventative Healthcare personnel; and,


WHEREAS,     the Division of Student Affairs lacks necessary funding to expand these important departments; and,


WHEREAS,     the Division of Student Affairs pays for Student Activity Portfolio advisors from the Division of Student Affairs budget; and,


WHEREAS,     this inaccurately matches revenues and expenses; and,


WHEREAS,     Student Activity Portfolios advisors provide direct services to students and their respective organizations; and,


WHEREAS,     Student Activity Fees are not being spent in its entirety, resulting in a $374,023.34 addition to the reserve fund with an existing balance of $1,308,974.17; and,


WHEREAS,     students expect to see direct, timely benefits of their Student Activity Fees; and,


WHEREAS,     students deserve additional opportunities to provide input on the hiring decisions and formal input on advisor performance evaluations, and the allocation of advisor’s bonuses; and,




RESOLVED,    the Auburn University Student Senate supports funding advisor salaries through Student Activity Fees






RESOLVED,    the Code of Laws committee should draft legislation modifying the Code of Laws to outline the procedures and policies associated with the change in accordance with the Division of Student Affairs




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