University Senate Meeting - September 2011

The GSC President is included as a Senator for all University Senate meetings. The following is his report.

Notes of interest for the Graduate Student community:

  • Timothy Boosinger, Interim Provost, provided an update on the university's Strategic Plan. Link to presentation (PDF)
    • Graduate student enrollment increased 3.4% and exceeded 4,000 students for the first time.
  • Dr. Boosinger also spoke on Spring Commencement.
    • 2012 Spring Commencement will take place in Auburn Arena, four sessions over two days: Sunday May 6, and Monday May 7.
    • Veterinary and Pharmacy graduations will take place on Tuesday May 8.
    • This will require an adjustment to the academic calendar.
  • Robin Jaffe, Immediate Past Chair of Calendar Committee and Secretary-Elect, spoke on changes to the Spring 2012 calendar.
    • The Calendar Committee proposed adding Sunday May 6 as a day to graduate.
    • A Senate member asked if all graduate students will graduate at the same time. Dr. Jaffe said that they will graduate with their various schools at various times.
    • Another member asked about conflicts with church on Sunday. The response was that families prefer weekends over losing work. A survey of parents within the past two weeks is that 85% preferred Sunday/Monday over Monday/Tuesday. They also preferred 1pm/5pm over 2pm/6pm for graduation on Sunday. Local ministers have expressed no concern with graduation on Sunday afternoon.
    • The motion carries, 59 to 6. Your Senator representing GSC voted in favor of the motion.
  • Nancy McDaniel made some comments on the Common Book. Link to presentation (Powerpoint)
  • John Mason, VP of Research, made some comments on Auburn University Research. Link to presentation (Powerpoint)


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