2012-2013 GSC Officers and Senators

2012-2013 Officers
Glenn Hughes, President
Glenn Hughes is a doctoral candidate researching Topology in the department of Mathematics. Shortly after high school Hughes enlisted in the United States Army and served as an infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft. Bragg, NC.  After his service in the military, he earned his bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of Houston in 2006 and 2008.  He has been active in University politics and the GSC for the previous two years, serving as a representative for the Department of Mathematics from 2010-11 and as the GSC Webmaster from 2011-12.

Jennifer Duggan, Executive Vice-President
Jennifer N. Duggan is a doctoral candidate in Chemical Engineering at Auburn University. Her research is focused on developing simple techniques to synthesize and produce magnetic and metallic nanoparticles of controlled sizes.  This research has afforded her many opportunities because she was awarded the top prize for best poster presentation at the International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids as well as the U.S. Steel Fellowship.  She obtained a bachelor's degree from Simmons College in Boston, MA, in Physics and Chemistry in 2008 where she worked on the green depolymerization of poly(lactic) acid.  In 2007, she was an REU Fellow at Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences in Cambridge, MA where she studied particles with tailored electric and magnetic properties. Jennifer has been actively involved with the GSC as a Senator in the past year and she is excited to serve as the Executive Vice President of the Graduate Student Council this year.

Dana Lashley, Vice-President
Dana Lashley is a doctoral candidate and research assistant in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Her research is focused around the synthesis of nucleosidic antiviral drugs for the treatment of deadly viral diseases such as Ebola. She obtained her BS in Chemistry at the University of Frankfurt in Germany and joined the Auburn PhD program in 2008. She is a recipient of Provost Mazey’s Fellowship for Outstanding Women in Science.  Dana also serves as the President of the Iranian Student Association. She first got involved with the GSC while serving as a Senator for her Department in 2011/2012. She thoroughly enjoys being part of the Auburn Family, participates in intramural sports, and is a big fan of American Football.

Pranav Vengsarkar, Secretary
Pranav Vengsarkar is a graduate research assistant in the Department of Chemical Engineering and is working towards his PhD in Chemical Engineering. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) in Mumbai, India in the year 2010. He has acquainted himself with working in industry as a co-op student at the Crop Protection Division at Atul India Limited during summer 2009. After joining Auburn in Fall 2010 he has participated in GSC activities including the Research Forum & Symposium in 2010-2011 and served as a senator for the Department of Chemical Engineering in the GSC in 2011-2012. He is also actively associated with professional organizations like the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and other student organizations like the Council of Engineering Graduate Students (CEGS). He is currently researching the size-selective separation of nanoparticles using Gas-eXpanded Liquids (GXLs) for use in various applications including oil spill cleanup for completing his requirements towards his PhD.

Winston Crowder, Treasurer
Winston Crowder is a Master's student in the Aerospace Engineering Department. Originally from Birmingham, AL, he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Auburn University in 2007. His thesis research includes the structural analysis during the ignition of a Solid Rocket Booster, like those used on the Space Shuttle. Winston is now serving his second year involved with the Graduate Student Council, having been a senator last year. He also sits on the Council for Engineering Graduate Students.

Kristi Jones, SGA Representative
Kristi Jones was born in Johnson City, Tennessee. However, she grew up in various parts of north and central Alabama. She is at the beginning her second year in the Masters of Public Administration program with a concentration in Election Administration. In addition to her studies, she is a graduate teaching assistant in the Department of Political Science. She graduated with honors from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in Spring 2011 with a B.A. degree in Political Science and Philosophy. She is a third generation Auburn student (War Eagle!). She loves serving her university and she believes in giving back to the place that has already given her so much. Graduate students are part of the Auburn family too; therefore, it is an honor and a privilege to her to be representing them this year in the Student Government Association. She is currently a member of the Auburn Student Alumni Association, a social sorority alumnae chapter, the Daughters of the American Revolution, various political organizations, and the First United Methodist Church.      

2012-13 Senator List

Below is a list of all the Senators in the Graduate Student Council, along with their faculty Graduate Program Officers. Names are listed by department and are accompanied by each person's User ID.



Department & GPO



John Snyder (jas0087)

Amy Murphy (campamy)

John Appleton (jpa0002)

Aerospace Engineering

Daniel Benton (deb0011)

Brian Thurow (thurobs)

Ashish Jagat (aaj0004)

Agricultural Economics

Holcer Chavez Yau (hzc0017)

Henry Kinnucan (kinnuhw)

Bretford Griffin (bjg0011)

Agronomy & Soils

Ling Ou (lzo0007)

Scott McElroy (jsm0010)

Lauren Smith (las0008)


Sarah Kate Fisher (skf0001)

Carole Johnson (johns19)

Jordan Jones (jdj0009)

Animal Sciences

Kaleb Merchant (kbm0007)

Russell Muntifering (muntirb)

Courteney McNamee (cem0022)

Biological Sciences

Charles Stephen (czs0021)

Mary Mendonca (mendomt)

Leah Whitfield (lmw0035)

Biomedical Sciences-College of Veterinary Medicine                                                                               (Anatomy, Physiology, & Pharmacology/ Clinical/ Pathobiology)

Jameson Sofge (jss0012)

Frank Bartol (bartoff)- Bio Science                                                                         Ya-Xiong Tao (taoyaxi)-APP/ Anne Wooldridge (aaw0002)-Clinical                      Frederick van Ginkel (vangifw)-Pathobiology

Arthur Zimmerman (adz0001)

Building Science (Construction)

Taylor Rose (ttr0004)

Salman Azhar (sza0001)

Rebecca Burslem (rkb0002)

Business Administration

Koparan Iscan (kci0001)

Joye Hughes (hughejo)

David Thompson (dht0002)

Chemical Engineering

Zenda Davis (daviszd)

Bob Ashurst (ashurwr)

Achintya Sujan (azs0059)

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Hector Hernandez-Corzo (hfh0004)

Rik Blumenthal (blumeri)

Daniel Smith (dgs0008)

Civil Engineering

Yanyan Gong (yzg0008)

Don Zhao (zhaodon)

Taylor Rawlinson (tar0006)

Communication & Journalism

Jonathon Frost (jkf0010)

Debra Worthington (worthdl)

Shaquille Marsh (som0001)

Communication Disorders


Michael Moran (moranmj)


Community Planning

Tessa Tompkins (tlt0014)

John Pittari (pittajj)

Brandon Cummings (bmc0021)

Computer Science & Software Engineering

Daniel Compton (dac0007)

David Umphress (umphrda)

Devin Cook (dcc0012)

Consumer Affairs

Mary Katherine Daniels (mkd0010)

Pamela Ulrich (ulricpv)

Monica Baziotes (mkb0022)

Curriculum & Teaching

Rebecca Rudder (rar0021)

Sue Barry (barryms)

Le'Nessa Coe (llc0012)

Design-Build (Architecture/Construction)


Paul Holley (hollepw)/ Josh Emig (jje0002)




John Jackson (jacksjd)


Educational Foundations, Leadership, & Technology

Kristen Davis (knd0010)

Maria Witte (wittemm)

Robert Whitehead ( whiterp)

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Vijay Sheshadri (vzb0006)

Soo-Young Lee (leesooy)

Muralidharan Venkatasubramanian (vmn0001)


Jillian Jones (jmj0022)

Christopher Keirsteid (keirscm)

Mallory Porch (map0030)

Entomology & Plant Pathology

Ke Liu (kzl0014)

Xing Ping Hu (huxingp)

Tolulope Morawo (tom0002)


Lucy Siegel (las0047)

Lee Colquitt (colqull)

John Sumerel (jjs0019)

Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures

Shikai Liu (szl0021)

Bill Daniels (daniewh)

Dave Perera (dap0008)

Forestry & Wildlife Sciences

Emily Stutzman Jones (eas0018)

Graeme Lockaby (lockabg)

Athlea Archmiller (aaa0013)

Geology & Geography

Kirsten Guerra (kng0014)

Ashraf Uddin (uddinas)

Drew Turner (turneaa)


John Laaman (jzl0032)

David Carter (cartedc)

Jordan Ray (rjr0008)


Kirk Adams (kta0002)

Gary Keever (keevegj)

Amanda Meder (alm0040)

Human Development & Family Studies

Elise Mauren (erm0016)

Joe Pittman (pittmjf)

Yesenia Perez (yyp0001)

Industrial Design

Ben Bloodworth (bloodbj)

Clark Lundell (lundece)

Tyler Stricklin(stricta)

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Li Pengfei (pzl0009)

LuAnn Sims (simslua)/ Jorge Valenzuela (valenjo)

C.W. Perr (cwp0002)


Asherah Blount (anb0015)

Jared Russell (russej3)

Braden Romer (bhr0002)

Landscape Architecture

John Carswell (jac0014)

Rodney Barnett (rjb0012)

Rafael Egues (eguesrg)


Keith Caldwell (kjc0026)

Dianne Hall (halldia)

David Bourrie (dmabourrie)

Materials Engineering

Victor Agubra (vaa0002)

Z.Y. Cheng (chengzh)

MariAnne Sullivan (mzs0050)

Mathematics & Statistics

James Hammer (jmh0036)

Ulrich Albrecht (albreuf)

Frank Sturm (fhs0001)

Mechanical Engineering

Lowell Brown (brownl4)

Hareesh Tippur (tippuhv)

Robert Bedsole (rwb0006)


Mary Hanna (mnh0002)

Barbara Wilder (wildebf)

Samantha Baggett (skf0003)

Nutrition, Dietetics, & Hospitality Management

Martha Lee Ann Ryals (mlr0003)

Sareen Gropper (groppss)

Kyle Townsend (townskm)

Pharmacal & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Richard Davis (davisri)

Vishnu Suppuramaniam (suppivd)

Gayani Nanayakkara (gkn0002)

Pharmacy Care Systems

Josh Hollingsworth (jch0010)

Kimberly Blake (kbl0005)

Justin Owensby (owensjk)


Ami DuBois (amd0012)

Joe Perez (perezjd)

Fei Tong (tongfei)

Polymer & Fiber Engineering

Me Li (mzl0034)

Gisela Buschle-Diller (buschgi)

Bernal Sibaja Hernandez (bzs0035)

Poultry Science

Gretchen Nagel (nagelgm)

Manpreet Singh (mzs0004)

Jake Smith (jms0058)


Will Frye (wsf0002)

Thane Bryant (bryangt)

Angela Beiler (aab0027)

Public Adminstration (MPA)/ Political Science (PhD)

Lindsey Forson (lmf0012)

Cal Clark (clarkcm)-MPA/ Cynthia Bowling (bowlicj)-PhD

David Adams (dza0003)

Real Estate Development


Michael Robinson (robinpm)


Rural Sociology/ Sociology

Stefanie Christensen (skc0014)

Conner Bailey (bailelc)-Rural Soc/ Janice Clifford (cliffje)-Soc


Spanish (Foreign Languages & Literature)

Ricardo Portal Mendez (rjp0016)

Jorge Munoz Ogayar (jjm0001)

Kendall Brooks (khb0005)

Special Education, Rehabilitation, Counseling, & School Psych

Serey Bright (sbb0002)

Margaret Shippen (shippme)

Angie Hall Moorer (ahm0016)


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