Professional Development

Certificate Program for Emergency Management

Office of Professional & Continuing Education - OPCE makes the educational resources of Auburn University available for non-credit education programs and conferences designed to promote lifelong learning, regardless of age, interest, or location. Our programs fall into four general categories: Professional Development, Personal Enrichment, Summer Youth Programs, and Conferences.

Engineering Professional Development Program

Engineering Professional Development Program (EPD) - is a curriculum developed by the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering to keep your skills up to date in the rapidly changing work force environment of today. Course listing include topics in civil engineering, structural engineering, surveying, electrical engineering, management, legal and ethics.

Certificate Program for Emergency Management

Certificate Program for Emergency Management - CPEM is an online certificate program focusing on emergency management for government and the public sector. Participants will learn ways to plan and prepare for emergencies, roles of local governments in recovery, what needs are unmet and the challenges that are faced, and how to manage resources.

Project Management Institute

Project Management Prep (PMP) - TheCourseā„¢ is designed to teach the core competencies of project management while preparing students for PMPĀ© certification by the Project Management Institute. TheCourse? was developed and is conducted by a Registered Education Provider of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Dietary Manager Program

Dietary Managers Program - The Dietary Manager program is offered through Auburn University and is idea for individuals interested or currently working in the food service area.

BDPA IT Institue Courses

BDPA IT Institute Courses - BDPA, in association with Auburn University, offer a variety of professional development courses. For more information, please contact the DLOT office.