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ENGL 7790 - Literary Theory: Issues and Approaches


This seminar explores and tests the usefulness of two literary theories in analyzing texts written in times of crisis or major societal change. Through feminist and masculinity studies, we will consider how male and female characters are employed and how both are forced outside the ordinary expectations and opinions about gender. With Performance Studies theory, we will analyze how “social drama” becomes aesthetic works and then brings about new social dramas. Some of the novels will be written from an eye-witness’s point of view with the observations of people caught in the Great Plague of 1665 and of a polished journalist fighting in the French and Indian War who encounters the very beginning of the rise of plantation slave culture.  Other texts will depict times of crippling unemployment and of legally sanctioned spousal abuse and captivity.  Among the readings will be Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year, Edward Kimber’s History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. Anderson, Eliza Haywood’s The History of Miss Betsy Thoughtless, and Edward Neville’s Plymouth in an Uproar.

Occasional written and oral reports, a seminar paper developed throughout the semester on one of the themes.

Previous Courses

Graduate Courses

British Literature

ENGL 7170 - Performance and the Making of the Modern World (Spring 2012)

ENGL 7870 - Writers: Their World and Their Performances of "Writer" (Spring 2009)

ENGL 7170 - British Literature 1660-1800 (Spring 2006)

ENGL 7670 - The Novel and Narrative Theory

ENGL 7670 - The Eighteenth-Century English Novel (Spring 2008)


ENGL 7800 - The Work of Feminist Critics (Fall 2020)

ENGL7790 - Literary Theory: Issues & Approaches (Spring 2016)

ENGL 7800 - Feminist Approaches to Literature (Fall 2012)

ENGL 7740 - Feminist Approaches to Eighteenth-Century Literature (Spring 2005)

Critical Theory

ENGL 7800 - Introduction to Cultural Studies (Spring 2020)

ENGL 7580 - Studies in Genre (Contested Genres) (Fall 2018)

ENGL 7780 - Studies in Race, Gender, and Sexualities (Fall 2017)

ENGL 7800 - Introduction to Cultural Studies (Spring 2015)

ENGL 7780 - Studies in Race, Gender, and Sexuality (Spring 2014)

ENGL 7800 - Introduction to Cultural Studies (Spring 2011)

Undergraduate Courses

British Literature

ENGL 4320 - Sampling the Eighteenth Century (Spring 2019)

ENGL 4330 - The Age of Revolution (Fall 2017)

ENGL 4320 - Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature (Fall 2015)

ENGL 4320 - Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature (Spring 2014)

ENGL 4370 - Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century British Literature (Spring 2009)

ENGL 0464 - The Age of Johnson, 1745-1798 (Spring 2000)

ENGL 4380 - The Late Eighteenth Century (Spring 2005)


ENGL 3750 - Topics in Cultural Studies: "What Does Culture Make/Let Us Do?"

ENGL 4540 and THEA 4950 - Performance Studies (Spring 2017)

ENGL 4540 and THEA 4950 - Performance Studies (Spring 2015)

ENGL 4710 - Topics in Gender and Literature: Romance (Spring 2013)

ENGL 4320 - Conflict, Conquest and Rise of Popular Culture (Spring 2012)

ENGL 4800 - Senior Seminar (Spring 2011)

ENGL 4710 - Popular Genres: The Romance (Spring 2010)

ENGL 3190 - Studies in Children's Literature (Spring 2006)