Invention Turns Garbage into Grub

Business Jun 30, 2010

An artist's rendering of the ABVRS machinery

Rendered image by Jason Adams.

Turning offal into something quite usable

The Agricultural Byproduct Value Recovery System ™ (“ABVRS ”™) is a patented process that takes fish, shrimp and chicken parts normally discarded during regular food processing and re-cycles them by adding them to existing animal feed.  The end product is a high protein, nutrient rich meal.  The raw material gets superheated, air dried and added to the mixing agent with very little energy, odor, or fumes and no waste water.

Falcon Protein Products, Inc. was formed for the purpose of developing and commercializing the system which was a joint research effort between the principals of AUquaTein and Auburn University.  They are currently working with several catfish and poultry processing companies in both the United States and Brazil.

Principal Investigator

John O. Lawrence
For more on Lawrence’s research, visit his Web site.
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