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Business Jan 13, 2012

When it comes to innovation, the most basic approach is often the most successful. Ask and listen.

That’s how faculty and students in Auburn’s School of Building Science and Department of Industrial & Graphic Design are helping one of the nation’s biggest industries — construction — improve productivity, working conditions and safety.

They start by engaging equipment manufacturers, visiting construction sites, and asking workers, foremen, and managers about inefficiencies and problems with methods and tools. Through exhaustive study and redesign, they develop a new product, new practice or new way of approaching an old problem.

In this active collaboration with industry through Auburn’s Center for Construction Innovation and Collaboration, their research has a distinctly practical application. So far, it has generated partnerships with DeWalt and Knaack, produced more than 75 invention disclosures and three provisional patent applications, and garnered international design recognition.

Got a problem? Get in touch. Your problems may be their possibilities.

They know how to put ideas to work.

Principal Investigators

Professor Paul Holley

Professor Paul Holley

Research Focus: design and construction integration, construction productivity, construction prefabrication.

Visit Paul Holley’s website.

Professor Tsai Liu Lu

Professor Tsai Lu Liu

Research Focus: user research methodology, universal design, product innovation management.

Visit Tsai Lu Liu’s website.

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