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General Sep 02, 2011

MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is fairly common these days. The scanners allow physicians a non-invasive, pain free look inside a patient’s body.

Auburn University’s newly-built MRI Center takes medical imaging and imaging research to a new level. The facility houses an open-bore, 3 Tesla scanner – one of a very few in the Southeast – and an actively-shielded, whole body, 7 Tesla scanner – one of a very few in the world.  Auburn researchers focus on high field MRI coil design and functional MRI imagery of the brain, allowing doctors to look at brain function and test for neurological disease.  There is also advanced cardiovascular and orthopedic imaging.

“We have incredibly hi-tech equipment, talented scientists and significant partners from medicine, the military and government,” says Center Director Tom Denney, “but it’s simply about helping people live better lives.”

Principal Investigator

Thomas S. Denney Jr., Ph.D.

Director, Auburn University MRI Research Center
Ed & Peggy Reynolds Family Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

Research Interests: With a PhD from John Hopkins, Tom Denney has worked at Auburn since 1994.  An award winning teacher, an endowed professor in electrical engineering, he directs Auburn’s MRI Research Center.  His interests include cardiovascular MRI and computer analysis of MRI data.
Visit Tom Denney’s Web site.

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