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Television to Improve Your Relationship

For years, researchers have known that men and women in strong marriages tend to be healthier and wealthier than their single counterparts; and children raised in strong marriages are more likely to attend college, succeed academically, and live longer than those raised by single parents.

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Invention Turns Garbage into Grub

The Agricultural Byproduct Value Recovery System ™ (“ABVRS ”™) is a patented process that takes fish, shrimp and chicken parts normally discarded during regular food processing and re-cycles them by adding them to existing animal feed.  The end product is a high protein, nutrient rich meal.  The raw material gets superheated, air dried and added to [...]

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The New “Green” Asphalt

Asphalt may look sticky and black, but Randy West and his team at the National Center for Asphalt Technology are working to make it green.

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Tatarchuk Tackles the Tiny Trouble

With a little wet spaghetti and piano wire you can power a Trident submarine, and build the world’s most efficient air filter.

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Inhaler Drug Delivery Gets a Micro-Makeover

…inhaler particles that are the wrong size or shape or charge get stuck in the mouth and throat, or the wrong part of the lung – never making it to where they are needed for healing or relief…

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Training for a Heart Attack

The only practical and sustainable countermeasure capable of providing cardio-protection is regular endurance exercise. Indeed, studies demonstrate that regular exercise reduces the risk of death from myocardial ischemia-reperfusion insult…

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Dynamic Dosing with Contact Lenses

Byrne and his team have figured out a way to load drugs onto soft contact lenses, and tailor the release of these drugs to a prescribed therapy. Auburn was the first to demonstrate the extended release of antihistamines via contact lenses, and since that pioneering work, has tailored delivery systems to antibiotics…

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How to Fly a Hospital

Baptist Health in Montgomery, Ala. has partnered with experts in aviation management from Auburn University to redesign the way hospital staff operate in extreme situations.

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Hunting the Fruit Vine Killer

Pound for pound, one of the top cash crops in the U.S. is grapes. During 2009, 7.1 million tons, valued at $3.2 billion, were grown commercially in the United States. In California’s wine country, grapes for a certain cabernet sold at $27,000 per ton. So protecting the grape harvest is serious business…

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Mosquitoes Fight Pesticides; Auburn Punches Back

Mosquitoes. Everyone knows they’re annoying, but did you know they’re also deadly? The American Mosquito Control Association estimates that every year, more than a million people die from mosquito-borne diseases. And it’s going to get worse. We’ve been spraying insecticides in massive amounts across the globe, but we can’t do that forever. Mosquitoes are becoming [...]

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