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Biofuel Solutions for the Southeast

The IBSS partnership is a group of Universities and companies determined to bridge the divide between farmers and liquid fuel producers. Through improved genetics, planting and harvesting processes, transportation and storage innovations, IBSS is equipped to make bio-fuel production in the Southeast a reality.

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Waste Not: Auburn Makes Progress in the Energy Battle

Auburn engineers and scientists are one step closer to replacing coal with waste as the primary energy source in portland cement production. It might not sound like a big deal, but the use of waste materials, such as poultry litter or old tires, will have tremendous environmental and cost-saving benefits. Coal is a non-renewable resource and makes up 40 [...]

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Energy the Way Nature Intended It?

When Wei Zhan got to thinking about solar panel expenses, he started looking at the inefficiencies in traditional silicon solar panels and researching systems that were more efficient. He found some. They’re called plants.

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Using a Laser to Illuminate the Invisible

Auburn engineer Brian Thurow and his team use wind tunnels in their work to create airflows, but while traditional wind tunnel testing focuses on measuring the forces and mapping the flows, Thurow’s method helps pinpoint the causes behind them.

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Invention Turns Garbage into Grub

The Agricultural Byproduct Value Recovery System ™ (“ABVRS ”™) is a patented process that takes fish, shrimp and chicken parts normally discarded during regular food processing and re-cycles them by adding them to existing animal feed.  The end product is a high protein, nutrient rich meal.  The raw material gets superheated, air dried and added to [...]

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The New “Green” Asphalt

Asphalt may look sticky and black, but Randy West and his team at the National Center for Asphalt Technology are working to make it green.

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Tatarchuk Tackles the Tiny Trouble

With a little wet spaghetti and piano wire you can power a Trident submarine, and build the world’s most efficient air filter.

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Hunting the Fruit Vine Killer

Pound for pound, one of the top cash crops in the U.S. is grapes. During 2009, 7.1 million tons, valued at $3.2 billion, were grown commercially in the United States. In California’s wine country, grapes for a certain cabernet sold at $27,000 per ton. So protecting the grape harvest is serious business…

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Chemical geology reveals new clues in old rocks

Uddin and Hames uncover 320 million year old secrets and discover that the Appalachians once dwarfed the Himalayas.

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