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Vapor Wake Dogs Stay On Target

If you travel by air or work in a government building, you’re no stranger to long lines leading to security scanners. Annoying perhaps, but they’re safety precautions put in place to protect us. Those who wish us harm are also no strangers to this technology. They constantly look for ways to defeat it. Enter Auburn [...]

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Industry Collaboration Superteam

When it comes to innovation, the most basic approach is often the most successful. Ask and listen. That’s how faculty and students in Auburn’s School of Building Science and Department of Industrial & Graphic Design are helping one of the nation’s biggest industries — construction — improve productivity, working conditions and safety. They start by [...]

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Training the Super Dog

Detection dogs coming out of Auburn’s rigorous training program can locate explosives in a moving crowd –just by scenting the vapor wake an explosive leaves behind- or find IEDs in a dense urban environment. Some can find infected trees in an otherwise healthy forest, or track down evasive pythons in the Everglades. They’re at work everywhere from Washington DC to Afghanistan.

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Bomb Detection Robots Take the Field

Here in the U.S., there are roughly 11 million acres contaminated with unexploded ordnance—an area about the size of Florida. It gives a whole new importance to the policy “Call before you dig.” The EPA calls unexploded ordinance an “imminent and substantial” threat, and estimates that it may take more than $14 billion to clean up.

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Lab Challenges, Protects Information Security

Students in Auburn’s Information Assurance Laboratory figure out how to crack government software, find messages encoded in images and music, and combat insider threats to corporate network security.

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Weathering the Financial Crisis

“The financial crisis,” writes James Barth, “initially resulted from excessive credit flowing into the housing sector based on informational problems and bad incentives…” Unfortunately, home prices don’t go up year in and year out forever. Good thing Barth’s got a key to making it through financial crisis.

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Invention Turns Garbage into Grub

The Agricultural Byproduct Value Recovery System ™ (“ABVRS ”™) is a patented process that takes fish, shrimp and chicken parts normally discarded during regular food processing and re-cycles them by adding them to existing animal feed.  The end product is a high protein, nutrient rich meal.  The raw material gets superheated, air dried and added to [...]

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Tatarchuk Tackles the Tiny Trouble

With a little wet spaghetti and piano wire you can power a Trident submarine, and build the world’s most efficient air filter.

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Hunting the Fruit Vine Killer

Pound for pound, one of the top cash crops in the U.S. is grapes. During 2009, 7.1 million tons, valued at $3.2 billion, were grown commercially in the United States. In California’s wine country, grapes for a certain cabernet sold at $27,000 per ton. So protecting the grape harvest is serious business…

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Take a Virtual Tour Through a Chicken

Most people encounter a chicken on the dinner table, and then only parts of it. Professors in Auburn’s poultry science department want to be knowledgeable about everything chicken, including the workings of the reproductive tract. After all: no guts, no glory. So they created “virtual” chicken with the Media Production Group to better understand and illustrate what’s going on inside a chicken’s egg-making factory.

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