The Auburn University Gay-Straight Alliance



Spectrum meets every Wednesday at 7:00pm in the Student Center. Our first meeting for Fall 2014 will be in room 2326.

Mailing List

We use a mailing list (listserv) to alert our membership of events, meeting times and locations, and other information.

To Subscribe:
Send an email with a blank subject line and the text "subscribe agsa" to majordomo@auburn.edu.

To Unsubscribe:
Send an email from the account receiving the emails with a blank subject line and the text "unsubscribe agsa" to majordomo@auburn.edu.(Note: Some Auburn email accounts which were subscribed before the Tigermail Live transition may not be able to unsubscribe this way. In this case, please use the Contact page to contact us and we will remove your email manually.)

Current Officers

Director of Social Affairs – Ariel B.
Director of Event Planning – Will Y.
Director of Political Affairs – Max Z.
Assistant Director – Raven L.
Treasurer – Michelle G.
Executive Communications Officer – Laura G.

You can contact our officers via the Contact page.



You can view our Constitution here (pdf)